ManukaRx skincare products for acne prone skin

Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin

Bye, bye blemishes. Our anti-bacterial synergistic formulas help to minimise the appearance of blemishes and scarring, balance and restore the skin barrier, and promote optimum skin health. Before you turn to anti-acne medication which can dry skin and have permanent side effects, try a targeted skincare routine for acne-prone skin by ManukaRx.

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Blemish Oil
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Clearing Face Cream
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Foaming Face Wash
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Blemish Control Gel
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Ultimate Blemish Control Routine
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Banish Blemishes Kit
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Skincare Products for Acne and Blemishes

Don't let acne control you – our natural acne-prone skincare solutions are designed to calm inflammation, treat acne symptoms, and promote clean and healthy looking skin. Best for a combination or oily skin type, our blemish-banishing acne treatments are also tested as safe for sensitive skin types.

Scientifically formulated with the synergistic power of manuka oil, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid, the Foaming Face Wash by ManukaRx is an effective acne cleanser designed to cleanse deeply and unblock clogged pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Use morning and night to gently remove excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Neutralise acne-causing bacteria, soothe red and irritated skin, and prevent future breakouts with our Blemish Control Gel. This potent yet gentle acne treatment gel is enriched with the healing properties of manuka oil and the antioxidant goodness of lemon peel and black seed oil to help visibly reduce the appearance of breakouts, blemishes, and post-acne marks.

Enriched with manuka oil, macadamia seed oil and aloe vera, our Clearing Face Cream improves skin clarity in acne-prone skin. Acne breakouts are often caused by overly thick and clogging face moisturisers, which is why this non-comedogenic face cream is carefully formulated to nourish and hydrate without triggering excess oil production to clog pores.

The Blemish Oil is an antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory wonder. The cornerstone of our anti-blemish skincare range, this facial oil combines manuka oil, jojoba oil, and turmeric oil that work together to get rid of bad bacteria, minimise acne breakouts and inflammation, and reduce the visibility of acne scars, and shield your skin against environmental pollutants and impurities.

Unleash a clear, radiant complexion with our skincare line for acne-prone skin types. For your convenience, we've assembled all our acne skincare products in one Ultimate Blemish Control Routine so you can easily tackle blemish-prone skin concerns with a full skin care routine.