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Enriched with the potency of triketones from genuine East Cape manuka oil, our eye creams help to de-puff and brighten, protect against environmental damage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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All About Eye Creams

Discover the benefits of incorporating an eye cream into your skincare routine. ManukaRx eye treatments are specially formulated to address common skin concerns for the eye area such as dark circles, eye bags, and crow's feet. They're safe to use on the delicate skin around the eye, even for sensitive skin types.

What is an eye cream?

An eye cream is a skincare product designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin in this area is thinner and more prone to dryness and fine lines compared to the rest of the face. Eye creams have a thick, moisturiser-like consistency, but are gentler to the skin. They're also typically formulated with more potent active ingredients than moisturisers.

Are eye creams worth it?

Some people swear by eye creams, while others claim to notice no difference from using one. Whether an eye cream is right for you depends on your individual needs. If you have a specific concern such as dullness, puffiness, or fine lines around your eyes, then an eye cream designed to address that concern can be a valuable addition to your skincare regimen.

What's the best eye cream?

It depends on what you want to achieve.

If your top priority is to reduce the visible signs of ageing, we recommend the Restorative Eye Cream. This super hydrating eye cream nourishes with antioxidants and vitamins A, E and C, all derived from natural ingredients including manuka oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and green tea extract. Another key ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, a potent form of hyaluronic acid noted for its ability to penetrate deep beyond the skin's surface layers.

If you're concerned about dark circles, puffiness, or dull and tired looking eyes, our Brightening Eye Cream is the eye treatment for you. Enriched with manuka oil to fight UV damage and reduce inflammation, as well as kakadu plum extract (the world's most powerful natural source of vitamin C) and coffee arabica extract to brighten skin and promote blood circulation. Aloe vera, one of nature's best moisturising agents, locks in hydration for a glowing complexion.

What's the right way to apply eye cream?

Apply a small amount of eye cream below and to the sides of your eyes, avoiding your eyelids and eyelashes. Gently tap in a circular motion until the cream is absorbed. Dermatologists recommend tapping with your ring finger, because its muscles are less developed. Using your "weak" finger reduces the risk that you'll apply excess force to this delicate area.

Eye cream should be applied after cleansing, but before you put on your moisturiser and face oil. You can use eye cream both morning and night.

Should I use eye cream or eye serum or both?

Eye creams and eye serums are different types of eye treatments, though they're designed with the same objective of making the skin around your eyes look and feel better. For most people, using one or the other is enough - you don't need both.

Generally speaking, an eye cream is more focused on deep hydration. The skin around the eye can often become drier with age or due to the harsh chemicals found in some skincare products. Dry skin also exacerbates the visible signs of ageing, making eye creams a staple in mature skincare routines.

An eye serum, on the other hand, is usually more about deep penetration. Serums are water-based and absorb more readily into the skin than creams, so they're often better at delivering actives but worse at locking in moisture to keep skin smooth and hydrated.

Some eye creams, like those by ManukaRx, are formulated for both deep hydration and deep penetration of active ingredients. Due to their thinner consistency, eye serums can't match eye creams when it comes to creating a thick moisture barrier.