Skin health is our mission. Mānuka oil is our tool.

Triketones. Mānuka’s super power.

For thousands of years, one of the most incredible secrets to skin health has hidden within the tiny leaves of the native New Zealand mānuka. Hugging windswept hillsides, it thrives in extreme weather conditions where other plants fail, and regenerates itself where other trees cannot.

It’s secret? Triketones.

The secret to skin health

Nowhere does mānuka have a higher triketone count than in plants grown in New Zealand’s rural East Cape region. Proven by science to have extraordinary effects on skin health, the triketones in East Cape mānuka oil offer powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and help support inflammation, skin healing and cell turnover.

Precious, potent and pure

To make this precious and potent essential oil, leaves and twigs from mānuka trees, sustainably grown in the remote East Cape of New Zealand, are steam distilled for 5-6 hours. The result? A multi-purpose active skincare ingredient.

Devoted to skin health.

Years of our own research has resulted in the pairing of East Cape mānuka oil with selected synergistic naturals to further enhance the impressive efficacy. It’s these unique, high antioxidant combinations that form the basis of all our skincare.

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