How manuka supports skin barrier health
Manuka Oil

How Mānuka Oil Ointment Supports Skin Barrier Health

Skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin barrier performs an essential service in keeping us healthy and alive. While protecting us from outside threats, such as bacteria, it also has a far ...
Manuka ointment used for lips in winter
Lip Care

Winter Causing Havoc On Your Lips? Here's an Efficient Winter Skincare Solution!

In New Zealand weather can be extreme, but this mānuka ointment will keep your lips moist and protect them from all the elements whether it's the burning summer sun or harsh winter conditions. Prot...
The #1 Skincare Travel Essential to Pack - Mānuka Oil Ointment
First Aid

The #1 Skincare Travel Essential to Pack - Mānuka Oil Ointment

What is the #1 skincare travel product you should pack when travelling? When you’re zipping around the world, you need a product on board that does it all. There are so many things you can encounte...
natural beeswax
Dry and damaged skin

Natural Beeswax Products vs. Petroleum Jelly Showdown

Which is better for you and the planet, natural beeswax products or petroleum jelly? We break down which one is MUCH better than the other and why, and a revolutionary natural product that is leaps...
Looking after your fingernails with manuka oil
Body care soaps and deodorants

Get Beautiful, Stronger Fingernails Fast!

Caring for our cuticles and fingernails are key to having healthy hands and nails. What if the damage has already been done? Or what if your nails just don't seem up to the level you want them at? ...
The Mānuka Approach to Looking After Cracked Heels
Foot Care

How to Look After Cracked Feet - The Mānuka Approach

Cracked heels can be painful and there’s a risk of bacteria entering the body through the cracks. Mānuka oil has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties and is known to help most skin cond...
Basic homemade natural moisturiser recipe
Dry and damaged skin

Make Your Own Natural Moisturiser to Care for Sensitive Skin

There are a number of reasons why you might want to stop using commercial moisturisers and cleansers and switch to natural. Here's a handy guide to explain just how to make your own homemade natura...