Reasons Why You Are Not Benefiting From Your Skincare Routine

Reasons Why You Are Not Benefiting From Your Skincare Routine

Are you frustrated with your skincare routine not delivering the desired results? Discover the top reasons why your skincare routine may not be effective, such as overwhelming your skin with too many products or ignoring the power of natural ingredients. Learn the correct order of product application and focus on specific skincare goals for better results.
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Do you find yourself throwing your hands up in the air in frustration because your skincare routine is simply not showing you the results you expect or desire? There can be so many different reasons for why you are not benefitting from your skincare routine, and however much the next skincare fad might promise to solve every dermal dilemma you can imagine, everyone’s skin has different needs. We are going to break down some of the main reasons for these skincare setbacks, and how to increase the effectiveness of a skincare routine specifically for you. 

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Benefiting From Your Skincare Routine

You’re Overwhelming Your Skin with Too Many Products

You’ve heard the phrase “too much of a good thing” right? That phrase can often apply to skincare, especially if it hasn’t been effective. There are thousands of products for skincare out there, and more are always being released that are followed by skin fads. Many fads fizzle out when they just don’t work. And some often make generalized promises or bold claims without explaining how it can counteract other ingredients. Which happens A LOT! For instance, using retinols with ingredients that have vitamin C is a no-no because it will severely dry out skin. Or using retinol with benzoyl peroxide simply cancels the two out. Other times, this can lead to one product causing a skin severe reaction when paired with another. 

Instead, when you’re struggling to get a good skincare routine try a less is more approach. Find skincare products that are scientifically proven to address certain issues without a lengthy scroll of side effects longer than the Dunedin jaffa roll. Start with the basics and work your way up. Don’t change skincare products too often, but trial some if one area of your skincare routine is struggling. Switch to alcohol-free and fragrance-free products to see if that alleviates some issues.  

You’re Missing Out if You’re Ignoring Mother Nature

If you’re struggling with skin challenges or if your skincare routine feels entirely hopeless, the first thought might be to hit the pharmacy. While there are some over-the-counter or prescribed treatments for skincare that help with extreme skin challenges, they often create a plethora of other problems for your skin. And most dermatologists and pharmacies won’t recommend a natural product or ingredient over prescribing something to combat a side effect of another prescribed product. See the pattern here?


Nature has incredibly powerful ingredients that have been studied and proven to be effective for numerous skin challenges big and small, broad or unique. For instance, if you struggle with blemishes you might be prescribed something that eliminates acne, yet it dries out and inflames skin. Instead, you can incorporate a natural antibacterial essential oil to eliminate bad skin bacteria that causes acne and breakouts. East Cape mānuka oil is the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil that has been proven to kill bad skin bacteria while remaining gentle and working as an anti-inflammatory. Which is exactly why it is our hero ingredient, as it has no known side-effects and works synergistically to increase potency and effectiveness of other natural ingredients.

You Might Be Using Skincare Products in the Wrong Order 

Maybe you have a day cream and night cream, facial cleanser and skin oil as a part of your skincare routine –  but there is a specific order to using each so they remain effective on their own or paired with other products. Some guides might tell you to apply skincare from lightest to heaviest, yet it is the opposite when it comes to moisturisers and oils. This is because skin oils are occlusive, meaning they provide a barrier for protection. If you apply your moisturiser after, it won’t absorb into the skin. If you apply the skin oil after your moisturiser, it can penetrate into the skin while creating a barrier to help lock in more moisture. 

  • Step 1: Wash with a facial cleanser
  • Step 2: Apply your hydrating face cream or moisturiser
  • Step 3: Massage in your face oil

Image of the Nourishing Night Cream

Be Specific with your Skincare Goals 

Honing in on your biggest challenges should be your first thought when correcting courses in your routine. If you are struggling with unbeatable acne breakouts, focus on blemish control first. If you are noticing signs of advanced aging skin or degraded skin appearance and health, you might need to focus on an anti-aging approach to improve overall skin barrier function. This is also a good way to see what works and keep that in your daily skincare regimen while eliminating things that don’t. If it’s a bit of everything above and move, then focusing on scientifically formulated natural products for everyday skincare issues with an ingredient like mānuka oil can help address a wide-range of challenges holistically. 

Start experiencing the positively unbeatable skincare benefits of East Cape mānuka essential oil and scientifically formulated blends that will revolutionise your skincare routine naturally. Shop our Everyday, Blemish Control, and Collagen Restore collections to discover an effective skincare routine today!

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