Mighty Mānuka: New Zealand's UV Powered Superplant

Mighty Mānuka: New Zealand's UV Powered Superplant

Where does the mighty mānuka get its antibacterial superpowers from? You might be surprised by the answer, and it may not be the reason you were expecting either. 

 There are a diverse array of incredible native New Zealand botanicals that have benefited from the country’s unique geographical isolation and the aeons of ever-changing landscapes and conditions -- from glacial melts to tectonic landmass creation to erosion. 

This has forced plants and animals of New Zealand to adapt to these shifting conditions, and has given some distinct and remarkable bioactive features from this forced adaptation for survival. 

Because of this, New Zealand has some of the most potent and health-boosting flora in the world, like the mānuka plant that is driving the natural skincare revolution to new heights. 

New Zealand’s mānuka traits and benefits vary across the region based on geographical location and other environmental influences, but one of the main contributing factors is the UV exposure unique to parts of Aotearoa. 

New Zealand’s Biggest Influencer - Ultraviolet Rays

Though New Zealand might be Land of the Long White Cloud, it also has some of the most Ultraviolet exposure in the world. Which is exactly why our summer anthem is “slip, slop, slap, wrap, repeat.”

Mighty Mānuka New Zealand's UV Powered Superplant

 The high UV levels in New Zealand are caused by a few factors. New Zealand dances closer to the sun than other countries in summer months, meaning the southern hemisphere is the closest elliptical orbit by the earth to the sun during that time. Along with that, the wonderfully clean air of New Zealand allows more sunlight to penetrate the already thin ozone layer in summer months.  

So What Does UV Have To Do With Mānuka?


Just like influencers of the internet can sway people to buy one outfit or the other, UV rays influence New Zealand’s plants. Put simply, because of the intense UV exposure, plants dress in more layers to protect themselves. 

Think of it as plants putting on a bit of armour the way you pop on sunnies to shield your eyes, layers to stay warm in the winter, or lip balm to protect your lips. These plants produce more polyphenols to protect against the intense UV rays, and these polyphenols are the key to the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory superpowers of certain New Zealand plants. 

One of the most powerful plants for antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and more is the mānuka plant because of that very reason. 

East Cape Mānuka: New Zealand’s UV Powered Superplant 

From the sunny shores of the East Cape, the mighty mānuka plant grows on rough and rugged terrain lining cliff sides, mountains, and now sustainably harvested fields. As they bask in the golden rays the UV exposure that is much higher than other regions, this leads the mānuka plants that grow in the East Cape to produce more polyphenols.

Mighty Mānuka: New Zealand's UV Powered Superplant

These unassuming plants were once thought of as a pest, but they have saved New Zealand lands from erosion and are helping to save remote communities with new job opportunities. It also has the potential to help fend off antibacterial resistance and the effects of harsh chemicals we use daily on our bodies for skincare.

The East Cape Mānuka is a Notch Above the Rest

On the East Cape, these mānuka plants also produce much higher concentrations of a compound called triketones, a compound that has incredible potent and powerful antibacterial properties. Many other myrtles like the Australian tea tree have triketones, but when compared to Australian tea tree, it’s up to 30 times more effective at killing bad bacteria. 

And when compared to mānuka honey, a popular and powerful byproduct of mānuka, it is 1,000 times more effective at killing off bacteria. This is a result of the distillation of mānuka and those triketones that aren’t produced by the flowers that the bees get nectar from. 

Discover this UV Powered Superplant For Yourself 

Mānuka oil is taking the skincare world by storm, and for good reason. This UV powered superplant is an incredible antibacterial alternative to prescriptions and chemical treatments that don’t often work or cause more damge. It is synergistic, giving it the ability to team up with other natural ingredients to create remarkable essential oil blends. Mānuka oil is gentle with no known allergies, making it perfect for tackling severe but sensitive skin challenges while leaving good bacteria intact. 

Mighty Mānuka: New Zealand's UV Powered Superplant

East Cape mānuka might just be the mightiest gift from Mother Nature and the most powerful antibacterial plant in the world. There are so many ways to use this miracle oil into your daily life, now it’s up to you to discover for yourself!

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