International Women’s Day: A Conversation with Sarah Wickens

International Women’s Day: A Conversation with Sarah Wickens

The last few weeks have been a real delight as we've taken time to chat with some of the remarkable women in ManukaRx's world as we celebrate International Women's Month. Our conversations around womanhood have been inspiring, enlightening, and empowering to say the least.

To round up this series of conversations, we are finishing on a high with one of the powerhouses behind Manuka Bioscience, the parent company of ManukaRx. Sarah Wickens, a formidable force in business and philanthropy, and an advocate of inclusivity through and through. Sarah believes that anyone and everyone is worth celebrating this International Women's Day and always.

Read more on Sarah's full interview below:

What does International Women’s Day personally mean to you?

Personally, International Women's Day (IWD) makes me think about women that are less lucky than I am. When I think about IWD, I’m not thinking about business. I’m thinking about women that hadn’t had the luck that I had.

I think about the way my parents treated me and my brother and sister equally, and how that's a really special and fortunate thing.

I think about that and how it should be IWD every day. 

Women are worth celebrating, not just today, but always. What’s one (or multiple) things that make you proud to be a woman? 

I don’t think about it that way. I am a person. I exist for the skills, compassion, love I have. Those things, to me, transcend gender.

If you could meet one woman in the world, who would that be and why?

I don’t wanna meet one, I wanna have a dinner party. My guests would include Coco Chanel for her tenacity to do something different. Definitely Cher because let's face it she rocks it. 

Zoi (Sadowski-Synnott; 2022 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist), she's cool and I would love to know how she kept her cool (given the circumstances) at such a young age. Plus my sister, because she’d be fantastic around this table. And she can help me in the kitchen – I can cook but she can really cook.  

What woman/women in your life has inspired you in some way? How did they do that?

My sister and that is because she exudes integrity, she’s talented in so many ways and she’s always there. 

Also, I don’t look to the older demographic these days. I look at Jessie Wong (Yu Mei Founder/Director) and Brooke Roberts (Shareshies Director). This is where my generation gets their inspiration these days. It's the younger, resilient, up-and-coming crew that I am most inspired by.  

When do you feel the most empowered?

Recently, often. 

Lastly, what golden nugget could you share to empower other women?

Firstly, I’m interested in empowering people, not just women. And my advice is to absolutely be yourself, trust yourself and do your best.

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