Manage Adult Acne

How To Manage Adult Acne

The majority of people dealt with acne as a teenager, but reaching adulthood doesn't always mean saying goodbye to spots. Here's how to deal with adult acne. In this article, you will learn how to manage adult acne and how mānuka oil can be used as a powerful essential oil to help prevent adult acne.
Acne is not just a struggle for the young, and managing adult acne can be bewildering and difficult. But there is hope! Read on to discover more. 
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What causes acne as an adult, and how can I fix it?

    Unfortunately, there's no easy answer as to why acne continues to appear through adulthood. It could be one of the below aggravators, a combination of all three, or just bad luck.

    Here are the three most common causes of adult acne.

    Hormones: The most significant contributor to acne is, unfortunately, the least controllable. It's no secret that hormonal changes during puberty can cause spots and acne, but hormones continue to change beyond our teens.

    Pregnancy, menopause, birth control and stress can all cause fluctuations and changes in hormones that can impact our skin. Hormones can affect the oil production of our skin, which can cause build-ups that block pores and trigger spots.

    Having a consistent anti-acne skincare routine will help to remove oil build-up and dead skin cells while protecting skin from bacteria. Using skincare products with an added level of anti-acne protection may help - try ManukaRx Blemish Oil to hydrate, protect and help to heal acne. Chemical-free and all-natural, the addition of Mānuka Oil gives this daily treatment an extra antibacterial boost.

    Stress: We've all heard it - stress is bad for your health. But lowering stress levels is much easier said than done. Stress causes hormone levels to fluctuate, which in turn causes acne (which then probably raises stress levels!).

    It's a hard cycle to break, but making a few small changes may help. Try to find some time in the day to take a break and breath - whether it's trying some yoga, going for a walk or taking a bath. Try adding a few drops of East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil to your bath - you can destress and look after your skin at the same time. Avoid excessively touching your face during the day, as this can also promote excess oil production.

    Diet: While research is on-going into the link between diet and acne, a low GI-diet may help. A low GI diet looks at how quickly certain foods raise your blood sugar. Low GI foods are slow-release and generally low in sugar and processed carbohydrates. Following a low GI diet, or generally just having a healthy, balanced diet may help to reduce acne, though research the scientific connections are continuing.

    How To Manage Adult Acne

    Other options to treat and heal adult acne

      Look for lighter skincare: Don't worry about rich and heavy anti-ageing creams, instead, consider lighter options. Anti-ageing creams are designed for more mature skin, which can cause problems for those with oily skin. Look for products that target acne, such as ManukaRx. ManukaRx products combine natural ingredients with sustainably-sourced, antibacterial Mānuka Oil to create a nurturing range of skincare, perfect for acne-prone skin.

      Consider facial treatments: Talk to your dermatologist about cosmetic procedures to ease acne. There's a range of options depending on the severity of the acne, and skin type. Dermatologists can also recommend more advanced treatments or medications for severe and unrelenting acne.

      Routine is critical: There is no overnight fix for acne. To give your skin the best chance of avoiding it, or healing without lasting scarring, find a daily skincare routine that works for your skin type. Mature skin has different needs to teenage skin - look for less oil and less harsh chemicals. It'll be a few weeks before you see results, so stick with it. 

      Here at ManukaRx, we have developed a range of blemish-busting products that give your skin a fighting chance against acne at any age. 

      The diverse range of products can be used individually or as part of a daily routine. ManukaRx uses all-natural, 100% Mānuka Oil from the East Cape of New Zealand, where it is sustainability grown and harvested before being transformed into the powerful antibacterial oil.

      East Cape Mānuka Oil has exceptionally high levels of triketones, which create the unique properties that Mānuka Oil is becoming increasingly known for. Whether you're looking to prevent acne, treat breakouts or help to heal scars, there's a ManukaRx product that can help.

      Take a look at our bestselling Ultimate Blemish Control Routine and banish blemishes for good. 

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