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Hold the Prescription: 5 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives

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Natural antibiotic alternatives for your skin are a great way to move your body away from its reliance on many prescription drugs and synthetic treatments that often have more side-effects than benefits. 

Hold the Prescription: 5 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives image showing a male holding a bottle of East Cape Manuka essential oil at a distillery.

Herbal alternatives are a great swap for antibiotics, especially for skin, that often fall flat or flat out fail because of antibiotic resistance built up when prescribed antibiotics for almost everything. Our skin can often be looked after before skin issues arise and after more effectively with natural ingredients.

Better to live healthier with more natural inclusions for our everyday life so we can boost our immune system and our body’s ability to fight bacteria, infections, viruses and more.

Drug-resistant skin infections are rising at alarming rates. Worryingly, many drugs such as antibiotics that are regularly prescribed by Doctors are becoming ineffective because of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is a big issue these days, as too many antibiotics are being prescribed for all problems that arise, leading to “superbugs” building up resistance to these antibiotics. This can result in our skin not having what it takes to not even fight off common germs and bacteria, and is a big risk when we visit doctors or hospitals that are breeding grounds for gram-positive bacterias like Staph.  

So what can we do about it? 

We of course aren’t saying antibiotics shouldn’t be taken when really needed, but we believe our bodies and health could benefit from a holistic approach to the most common skin issues to give us fortified, healthier, and clearer skin. 

5 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives For Your Common Skin Challenges

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme oil has been a go-to home remedy throughout time (pun intended) and has been known to help kill bacteria on the skin. It can be used to assist in preventing hair loss, and even can be taken orally to help with coughs and throat infections. 

Oregano Essential Oil

Many essential oils are not to be consumed, but like thyme, oregano oil is okay to use topically and orally. Oregano oil is packed with antioxidants that help fight free-radicals that can be damaging to our skin health. This gives our skin the ability to focus on skin cell production and healing without having to fight a battle with bacteria.  

Australian Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a darling of dermal products and even haircare, gracing many lotions, oils, shampoos, and the lot. And for good reason -- tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial oil that is known to kill off bad bacteria on the skin and relieve fungal issues like athletes' feet. 

Honey / Mānuka Honey

It’s no doubt that mānuka honey, rich with antibacterial enzymes, is one of the most effective natural skincare products for protecting ourselves. It also has wonderful antiinflammatory properties that give it amazing effectiveness for helping to treat burns, and is high in vitamin B and C which combine to make it a great natural antiseptic. 

Mānuka Oil

Mānuka oil, though new to the essential oil party, is one of the strongest and most powerful essential oils found in nature. Also known as Leptospermum Scoparium, mānuka oil is leaps and bounds more effective as a natural antibacterial than other oils, and the rich triketones found in East Cape mānuka oil make it the most effective for fighting bacteria. The gentle but potent oil can be used on even the most sensitive skin for some of the most severe skin issues. 

Hold the Prescription: 5 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives image with East Cape Manuka skin oil from ManukaRx, the world's most powerful antibacterial essential oil.

Compared to Australian tea tree oil, East Cape mānuka oil (like the kind ManukaRx utilises in every product) is 20-30 times more effective at killing off gram-positive bacteria (bad skin bacteria) and known to kill off common germs. When you compare it to the most well-known New Zealand natural remedies, mānuka honey, it’s even 1,000 times more effective! So next time you think to reach for the honey -- think mānuka oil instead. 

Another aspect of mānuka oil that makes it rise above the rest is that it is synergistic, meaning it works in unison with other essential oils and even boosts their effectiveness. This makes mānuka oil ideal for creating powerful essential oil blends to tackle almost any unique skin challenge. 

Here are some different ways you can incorporate mānuka oil into your routine so next time, you can hold the prescription. 

Mānuka Oil Skin Rescue Ointment - $23.95 NZD

Hold the Prescription: 5 Natural Antibiotic Alternatives image with ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment for natural antibacterial treatment.

ManukaRx Ointment is great to take along with you anywhere you go and to include in your medicine cabinet and first aid kits. It’s perfect for cuts, burns, blisters, nappy rash and more with the powerful and fast acting antibacterial power of East Cape mānuka. 

East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil - $41.95 NZD

A versatile companion for your skin, it can be used topically for a plethora of skin challenges like acne, fungal issues like athletes foot, dabbed on blemishes or dry skin to promote healing, and so much more!  

Treat your body to the healing potential of natural essential oils and head to our shop today to help your body fight skin issues better, naturally!

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