Featured in Listener: Can Mānuka Oil Heal Infections & Beat Antibiotic Resistance?

Featured in Listener: Can Mānuka Oil Heal Infections & Beat Antibiotic Resistance?

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The word is getting out about the incredible potential of East Cape mānuka oil as the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil and its ability to put a stop to antimicrobial resistance. This is huge news given the severity of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria on the rise, and Listener Magazine has featured ManukaRx recently to discuss the potential of mānuka oil in this fight. 

There are only a handful of antibiotics scientifically developed by humans to treat serious infections, and due to the growth of antibiotic abuse or mis-prescribed antibiotics, bad skin bacteria are becoming resistant to our synthetic treatments. And the result is super strains of bacteria that our modern medicine can’t defend us against if this continues. 

We know, that all sounds pretty end-of-the-world scenario, and we don’t want to spook you! While it is a serious issue, there are ways we can all combat the rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria together. And the key could be with East Cape mānuka essential oil as the Listener article delves deep into.  

“Our reliance on a narrow range of antibiotics to treat a wide range of ailments has seen the rise of antibiotic resistance, where targeted bacteria begin to change in response to the drugs they encounter.” - Page 18


One aspect that studies on antibiotic resistance and scientific trials are proving is that bacteria can evolve to adapt to our synthetic drugs, yet they cannot become resistant to natural ingredients and oils. And this is what is making anti-bacterial essential oils like mānuka oil integral for helping to heal infections and kill bad skin bacteria, instead of incorrectly resorting to antibiotics when they are not needed. 

“High levels of use of antibiotic creams in New Zealand have resulted in high levels of resistance.” - Page 19

For cuts, scrapes, sores and infections -- mānuka is proving its magic. Because of the unparalleled high levels of beta-triketones found in East Cape mānuka essential oil, it is the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial oil found in nature. Even when compared to Australian tea tree oil, one of the most popular anti-bacterial skin oils and natural disinfectants, it is 33x more effective at killing bad skin bacteria like MRSA (staphylococcus aureus). 

“A lot of things kill Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that cause impetigo (skin sores and lesions), but not many things kill the antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, and that was pretty awesome.” - Page 20 

Certain essential oils have been scientifically proven to be effective at killing gram-positive bacteria like MRSA, which can lead to blood poisoning, surgical wound infections, impetigo, flesh-eating bacteria, and pneumonia that have shut whole hospitals down. Through clinical trials supported by government organisations, East Cape mānuka oil and it’s potent triketone chemotype have shown through as the best anti-bacterial and anti-microbial essential oil at killing bad bacteria. 

But mānuka oil isn’t just for the most severe bacteria, it’s become a go to for those struggling to overcome unique and frustrating skin challenges, severe acne, and even aging skin. Many prescribed treatments for skin conditions often damage the skin barrier or kill off our good skin bacteria, attacking the one problem but wreaking havoc on the rest of the skin’s function. 


Certain acne treatments may clear up skin but leaves it inflamed, dry, and vulnerable. East Cape mānuka oil on the other hand is gentle and has no known allergies, and with its synergistic superpowers, it amplifies the effect of other amazing essential oils it is combined with. 

“We recognised early on that the benefits of the oil (mānuka) for human health are what would be really exciting.” - Page 23

Along with the phenomenal anti-bacterial uses, East Cape mānuka oil is also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antifungal. It’s an oil that you can look to with confidence to tackle a wide range of skin concerns knowing it will boost your body’s ability to heal without hindering it like other products, and better yet it is backed by science and produced on sustainably run farms across the East Cape. 

Every ounce of mānuka oil is a precious commodity due to the difficulty of distillation and low yield of the oil, yet the positive effect it can have for our health in the fight against antibiotic resistance makes it even more precious. Instead of resorting to antibiotic creams and ointments for minor cuts or trivial uses that don’t call for antibiotics, turning to natural anti-bacterials like mānuka oil can stem the growth of these worrisome superstrains. 


East Cape mānuka essential oil has profound potential for healing infections however minor or major, helping to tackle skin challenges like severe acne and dry skin, and boosting our skin barrier function to fortify the skin against free-radicals, and to keep our skin healthier and more youthful longer. It’s hard to encompass the importance we feel mānuka oil can play in our everyday lives, but it’s one we hope more will experience in the future. 

“If we can be involved in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, that’s huge for us.”

Click here to read the Listener article in full on NZ Herald.

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