All You Need to Know About Fine Lines and Wrinkles

All You Need to Know About Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Celebrate the beauty of aging! Wrinkles and fine lines are natural signs of a life well-lived. Learn about the differences between them and discover how to prevent various types of wrinkles, from expression lines to atrophic wrinkles. Embrace your journey and take care of your skin with our recommended skincare routines.
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Wrinkles, fine lines, and grey hair… These 3 things just prove you’ve experienced a full life!

Over time, you’ll collect all of these, one way or another. Some of you might notice fine lines by your 25th birthday while others might develop a deep laugh wrinkle after some decades of laughter and joy.

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In fact, you can get fine links and wrinkles because of many personal choices, such as:

  • Exposure to the sun without any SPF protection,
  • Facial expressions like frowning, smiling, and surprise,
  • Squinting your eyes and even,
  • Your sleeping position.

And you can’t really control most of these factors. Yet, social media and mainstream culture will teach you to hide these features by getting fillers and Botox to cover up a laugh line or that wrinkle on your forehead! 

But having fine lines and wrinkles is okay! If anything, they’re a sign you’ve lived a great life, and you’ll continue to live it! 

What Is the Difference Between Wrinkles And Fine Lines?

Hydration is an important factor that counts when it comes to how your skin ages. The more hydrated you keep it, the more room you’ll give for elastin and collagen production! That said, what makes fine lines and wrinkles different? 

Fine lines are shallow lines (less than 1mm) on your skin, mainly near the laugh line and the eye area. These can show up as early as your mid-20s and are created because of muscular facial movements, such as laughing, squinting, or smiling! 

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On the other hand, wrinkles are deep folds (over 1mm) on your skin that form because your skin either thinned or lost its elasticity. 

Wrinkles often start appearing during your early 30s and can deepen if you have great UV exposure, are stressed or have stripped natural oils from your skin barrier.

Types of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

There are 5 main reasons why fine lines and wrinkles happen. Here are 5 types of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as ways to prevent them:

Expression Wrinkles

As the name suggests, expression wrinkles happen because of your facial expressions! Because your facial skin is directly attached to the muscles underneath, smiling, frowning, laughing, and scrunching your face are the main reasons you have expression wrinkles. 

Woman with grey hair smiling

To us, they’re natural art we make on ourselves by living our lives!

How to prevent expression wrinkles? 

Expression wrinkles can be prevented passively by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. 

Restorative Trio

Hydration is also key in preventing the expression wrinkles so use a handful of hydrating products like the Restorative Trio to smoothen fine lines, boost collagen production, and retain skin elasticity!

Elastotic Wrinkles

Even here, the name kind of gives away why these wrinkles happen. When your skin loses its elasticity due to age, a lack of hydration, or extreme sun exposure, elastotic wrinkles form. 

You know those wrinkles on the upper lip and cheeks? Yes, they’re elastotic wrinkles!

How to prevent elastotic wrinkles? 

Firming Day Cream

They can be prevented with sun protection (SPF) and a skincare routine that supports skin elasticity and resurfacing. We recommend using our Firming Day Cream and Restorative Skin Oil combo before it’s too late to get that elastic skin back!

Gravitational Wrinkles

Gravitational wrinkles… we wonder what that might be. 

Seen as sagging skin on your cheeks, chin, and smile lines, gravitation wrinkles are caused when your skin:

  • Loses its elastic nature, and/or
  • Stops producing as much collagen as you actually need.

How to prevent gravitational wrinkles? 

Gravitational wrinkles can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight according to your height and gender. You can also prevent them by sleeping on your back and using a supportive pillow. 

On the skincare side of things, proper skincare routines to boost collagen production and hydration are some of the best ways to prevent gravitational wrinkles. 

Riwa using our Restorative Eye Cream

Consider using our Rejuvenating Ritual which is the perfect blend of 5 of our best-selling products including our scientifically formulated Restorative Eye Cream!

Compression Wrinkles

Attention side sleepers! This one’s about you.

Compression wrinkles develop when your face is compressed against the pillow or bed as you snooze. The weight often causes crevices that deepen every single night until it’s visible as day even when you’re not sleeping!

How to prevent compression wrinkles? 

More than anything else, compression wrinkles can be avoided by sleeping on your back and ensuring you’re not pressing your face against anything for long durations. 

Nourishing Night Cream

Consistent use of products promoting skin elasticity and collagen, like our Nourishing Night Cream, can also help. Filled with Manuka oil, this night cream has amazing anti-aging properties that can help combat the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Atrophic Wrinkles

These are formed due to repeated lifting of brows, causing lines to form on the forehead over time. The skin on the forehead becomes loose because of various reasons ranging from aging to loss of elasticity and collagen structure to thinning skin. 

How Do We Prevent Atrophic Wrinkles? 

You can tackle these through skincare routines that deliver hydration, rebuild elasticity, and promote collagen production, all of which can be found in our Rejuvenating Ritual!

Image of the Rejuvenating Ritual

When all is said and done, being obsessive about every line and crevice on your body isn’t healthy in the long run. But when you’re doing it as a way to care for yourself, the results are always worth it! Celebrate what you collect as you age and make sure your skin is safe from sun exposure and harsh chemicals.

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