5 Sustainable & Affordable Presents to Gift this Holiday Season

5 Sustainable & Affordable Presents to Gift this Holiday Season

Discover sustainable and affordable gift ideas for the holiday season, including eco-friendly skincare presents that are kind to the planet.

The holiday season can always be a tad bit anxiety inducing for many of us, as we’re sure you can relate to the worries of finding the perfect gift for someone. As we scour the “top 10 gifts of 2022” lists looking for something that jumps out at us, it usually leaves you exhausted and needing a nap (or maybe a glass of wine! 🫠) and nothing to show for all the searching and scrolling. Should you go for unique or practical or the hottest new trend?

Well, we think a big consideration category this holiday season when trying to find that perfect gift is eco-friendly gifts, and we want to help you find the best sustainable and affordable gifts this holiday season! After all, we think a sustainably sourced gift will be not only something meaningful to get someone this year, but it will end up as a gift with a bigger impact on a personal level and much less impact to our wonderful planet. 

What does sustainable presents mean, and why is it so important this holiday season? 

So, how does one go sustainable for the season of giving?? It might seem like a stretch to think we can, but it’s much easier than you think. And much more important as well.

We don’t want to be a Grinch when it comes to discussing presents, but when it comes to gift giving over Christmas it produces more than 15 times the amount of waste compared to other holidays in the UK alone at 688,000 tonnes of waste. And it’s said that there’s enough wrapping paper used and thrown away to reach the moon! 

In New Zealand, there’s an extra 50,000 tonnes of waste sent after Christmas to landfills according to the Sustainability Trust, which is enough to fill 14,286 twenty-foot shipping containers and if stacked upright ends up at a shocking 105 times higher than the Sky Tower! That’s heaps of unnecessary waste, and we can each be a part of changing this trend in 2022. 

How do you gift sustainably?

Gifting sustainably is something that is a part of the living more mindfully movement as more of us are trying to lessen our impact on the planet, and something that is ingrained in Kiwi culture. Yet, during the holidays it can be an afterthought in the madness of merriment and gatherings and gift-giving (we know how stressful the family gatherings can get sometimes 😅). Here are some ways to gift sustainably:

Support Natural Products: Keep a keen eye out for more natural products that use natural ingredients responsibly and support environmental initiatives.

Shop Locally: Gifts that are sustainable can be presents from local businesses to reduce CO2 emissions and support local communities. 

Avoid Animal Testing: This holiday season make sure that none of those furry friends and others of the animal kingdom were used in testing for cruelty-free gift giving.



Steer clear of Plastic Packaging: This is one of the biggest impacts to our planet and sustainable or eco-friendly gifts should be plastic free in packaging. 

Our Top 7 Sustainable and Affordable Gifts This Holiday Season
These gifts below, like all of the products in the ManukaRx line-up, are skincare gifts with a conscious, reflecting in our own eco-friendly endeavours and deep dedication to planet-friendly products. Each one is ethically sourced, sustainably produced, safe and cruelty-free.    

Present 1: Restorative Trio

Image of the Restorative Trio

Harnessing the anti-aging power of rosehip oil and antibacterial magic of East Cape mānuka, this Restorative Trio is perfect for turning back time on tired skin with collagen-boosting day cream, night cream, and skin oil for a holistic routine to rejuvenate ageing skin. A great gift for mom and dad or friends looking to revitalise their complexion.

Present 2: Banish Blemishes Kit

A quick grab-and-go kit to accelerate acne defence and control, the Banish Blemishes Kit is a perfect gift to help someone beat back blemishes and control breakouts with a powerful yet gentle foaming face wash and skin oil to address any acne challenges. 

Present 3: 100% East Cape Mānuka Essential Oil

Our hero ingredient and the world’s most powerful natural antibacterial essential oil, this 100% East Cape mānuka essential oil is an incredibly versatile gift to amplify any skincare regimen. Let your friends and family feel the magic of the mighty mānuka to add an extra antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal to every day.   

Present 4: Skin Rescue Ointment

This small but profound stocking-stuffer sized gift is one that’s a must have for all. The Skin Rescue Ointment packs the antibacterial power of East Cape mānuka, antiseptic power of turmeric, and soothing protection of beeswax into a small package to quickly addresses cuts, burns, bites, chapped lips, cracked cuticles and more.

Present 5: Restorative Eye Cream

Image of the Restorative Eye Cream

Brighten up someone's day this holiday season with the Restorative Eye Cream formulated to uplift and liven up the area around the eyes. The combination of mānuka oil, rosehip oil and green tea extract help reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles around the eyes while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

See, giving gifts can be much less stressful and much more sustainable than ever! This holiday season, give an amazing gift to family or friends that is also a gift to Mother Nature with eco-friendly and sustainable skincare presents from ManukaRx. All which are supporting local communities, cruelty free and specifically produced with the planet in mind!

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