4,000 Soaps and Hand Sanitisers Donated to New Zealand Charities

4,000 Soaps and Hand Sanitisers Donated to New Zealand Charities

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Here at ManukaRx, we wholeheartedly believe in looking after our (skin) health the best we can, and at the same time, looking after others. We care deeply about our customers, our workers and the planet and when we can, we love to support causes we care about. 

 Recently we’ve been in a position that has allowed us to support a plethora of phenomenal community initiatives and charities here in New Zealand which we’re proud to be backing through donations of our skincare products.

Over the past two months, we’ve donated 4,000 natural anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitisers to New Zealand charities and social initiatives that can put them to great use in the communities they support or the volunteers and workers that help.

ManukaRx Has a New Look, Same Soul

You may have noticed a new "look" to ManukaRx and our skincare line-up, but even though we got a makeover, our ethos is the same as ever. A sense of community, collective kindness, and sustainability is deeply ingrained in our soul and everything we do. 

From the farmers we partner with to sustainably produce our mānuka essential oil on the East Cape, to the scientists that formulate our skincare. And of course in building a community around planet-friendly skincare products to help others overcome skin challenges and transform their skin, naturally. 

With the recent re-imagining of ManukaRx look and feel came the opportunity to put our previously-branded products to good use and spread some joy through a handful of charities and social groups.

When we all give each other a hand, it uplifts everyone around us and spreads a sense of community-driven support. So here is a little bit about some charities and social initiatives we donated to and the incredible and impactful programs they are spearheading across New Zealand. Take a peek and get involved!

Hospice West Auckland

Providing palliative care for those at the end of their life, Hospice West Auckland is a charitable service that assists families either in home or at their care facilities. Our natural anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitisers were donated to help their carers, nurses, and doctors keep their hands clean while assisting those in their care. In an industry that requires the most stringent health protocols, they can avoid harsh chemicals and damaging sanitisers on their hands with our naturally anti-bacterial hand products. 

Everybody Eats

A phenomenal community food initiative, Everybody Eats provides a pay-as-you-feel concept to traditional dining for everyone. They serve up tasty chef-prepared three-course community meals at four locations in Auckland, Papamoa, and Wellington. As a “Thank you!” to their workers and volunteers, we gave soaps and hand sanitisers that will help them keep bacteria-free and healthy while dishing out delicious meals made with love for the community. 

Kindness Collective

With kindness as their priority, the Kindness Collective is a charity and community resource network that works as a matchmaking network to connect those in need with those who have more to share. They are working to uplift communities and those in need with proper resources, learning materials, work or business opportunities, food, shelter, playgrounds, and more. Donations of soaps and sanitisers have gone to three of their initiatives including Refuge Safe House, Kai Avondale's Social Supermarket, and Mummys in Need ‘mum packs' to provide healthy natural hygiene supplies. 

Burns Support Group

The aim of the Burns Support Group is to improve the lives of burn survivors, providing support for the physical, phycological and emotional distress during the recovery process. Our Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap and Hand Sanitisers were donated to the women attending the 2021 Women's Burn Retreat.

Feeling Fab

Love is at the core of Feeling Fab and their mission to provide heartfelt support for loss and grief. With pampering the heart in mind, Feeling Fab gathers others for events or meetings with others that have had similar experiences to help everyone connect, make friends, and uplift their spirits. These pampering events were the perfect opportunity to spread a bit of self-love and include our Extra Gentle Cleasing Soap and Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser into the gifts for attendees of two of their events. 

Just like our love for the environment, we love our people and communities and are excited by the opportunities to give a little back to others around New Zealand. ManukaRx will forever be driven by kindness, sustainability, and community, and we thank all of these inspiring initiatives and others for the passion and goodwill they put out into the world.

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Congratulations, a fantastic act of generosity!


Congratulations, a fantastic act of generosity!


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