10 Easy Ways to Use 100% Pure East Cape Mānuka Oil

10 Easy Ways to Use 100% Pure East Cape Mānuka Oil

Did you know there is a variety of ways that you can utilise 100% Pure East Cape Mānuka Essential Oil? Considered to be the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial, this highly versatile companion will improve your skin health better, naturally. 

This natural oil is rare because of the potent triketones found inside, more than any other plant in the world, giving it profound effectiveness for skin challenges and many other uses. Not to mention its synergistic properties, allowing it to be paired with other amazing essential oils and ingredients to amplify their effectiveness. 


It’s not only the anti-bacterial benefits of the mighty mānuka plant you can benefit from though – the anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant traits open up a plethora of other uses, be it for the skin or everyday life or around the house. We are going to dip into the top 10 easy ways to utilise 100% East Cape mānuka oil to give you a small dose of the different uses for this potent essential oil. 

Helps With Dandruff

Noticing a bit of dandruff on your clothes, or have you always struggled with a dry and flaky scalp? East Cape mānuka is an incredibly hydrating essential oil, locking in moisture and penetrating deep, just add a few drops to your shampoo and massage into your scalp. This will create a breathable yet hydrating layer to help reduce dandruff and ease scalp itchiness. 

Ease Sore Muscles

Feeling tight in the muscles after a workout, hike, or even simply just feeling sore after a long day? Run a hot bath for yourself and add 3-4 drops of 100% East Cape mānuka oil into the bath. Now soak, relax, and let the anti-inflammatory traits of the oil work its magic to ease those sore muscles. 

Fight Blemishes

Blemishes, be gone! With East Cape mānuka oil’s unmatched anti-bacterial power, along with its anti-inflammatory benefits, this is the perfect companion to fight blemishes and breakouts. Tackle blemishes at the source while preventing future breakouts by killing acne causing bacteria and boosting your skin-barrier defenses. Even though this essential oil is extremely potent, it remains gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin.

Helps with Congested Sinuses

Mānuka has been used for centuries by the Māori to treat a wide-range of ailments, including congested sinuses and colds. With a couple of drops of mānuka oil into hot water, you can inhale the vapours to help relieve congested sinuses while helping with the inflammation. 

Can Purify Air


East Cape mānuka oil can purify the air, making it a wonderful household addition. Diffusers turn liquids, usually water and essential oils, into microdroplets that we can inhale helping to purify the air and eliminate germs. Just add 3-4 drops into a diffuser and place in the most common areas of the house. 

Keeps Moths Away

One of our worst nightmares is the dreaded moth infection in houses that eat away at our favourite clothes! Just add a few drops to a cotton pad, let dry, and stow away in your linen closet or clothing drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh and those dastardly moths away from your garments. 

Makes a Nice Foot Spa

Pamper yourself and embrace a bit of R&R with an easy-to-do relaxing foot spa at home that will leave aching feet feeling like heaven. Add a few drops into a bowl of warm water with epsome salts and some smooth pebbles and massage your feet over them to relieve stress, ease inflammation, soothe dry or cracked feet, and improve circulation. 

Helps With Nail Infections

100% pure East Cape mānuka has been proven to have effective anti-fungal benefits along with the anti-bacterial traits that work wonders for nail infection. Add a few drops onto a cotton bud and apply onto the infected nail area, let dry, and try to keep your feet in open air after long days or physical activity. 

Great for Cuts and Scrapes

For the outdoors lovers, the always active, or even just the casual gardener – 100% East Cape mānuka oil is a must-have in every medicine cabinet or day bag. With cuts and scrapes, this oil immediately tackles bad skin bacteria, while helping to soothe and protect from potential infection. Dab a drop or two on a scrape or cut, or apply on an existing cut to also ease inflammation. 

Makes a Good Household Disinfectant

Given the powerful anti-bacterial properties, this is a phenomenal and eco-friendly household disinfectant for surfaces as it kills even some of the worst common bacteria and is dog and child friendly. Put 10 drops into a spray bottle with water, and maybe add some peppermint oil, lavender oil, or your favourite scent into the mix.

Now you know some quick and easy uses for our favourite gift from Mother Nature! Experience the magic of 100% pure East Cape mānuka essential oil and the potentially endless uses home or away that is bound to become your go-to every day.

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