Ultimate Blemish Control Routine Explained

Ultimate Blemish Control Routine Explained

Hands up, who here is tired of trying to figure out the best skincare routine to beat back the relentless breakouts constantly invading our face space? 👋 Aren’t we all! Yes, it can seem like acne constantly has an edge on us when it comes to keeping our skin clear, and navigating the overwhelming selection of blemish treatments can feel confusing. But worry not, as we have a simple yet effective way of taking back control of your skin and clearing the way to a blemish-free face. 

It’s too often blemish treatments try to go nuclear on our skin, eliminating acne but leaving our skin barrier compromised in other ways or causing side effects like inflammation, dry or sensitive skin, and more. So what are we to do about those bothersome blemishes without disrupting our dermal layers in the process? What if we said there is a step by step process that doesn’t involve prescriptions or harsh treatments, but instead harnesses scientifically proven plant-powered products that can banish breakouts naturally – would you be interested?

We thought so. That’s why we are going to cover the easy to implement Ultimate Blemish Control Routine so you can get back to living life without acne anxieties. 

Our secret weapon against blemishes

One thing all ManukaRx products that are formulated to tackle blemishes have in common, no matter how severe, is that they all are made with the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil – East Cape mānuka oil. This magical essential oil is over 30 times more effective than Australian tea tree oil at killing bad skin bacteria, which has long been a go to for antibacterial natural remedies. And even though this superpowered gift from Mother Nature is one of the most potent essential oils found in the natural world, mānuka oil is incredibly gentle on the skin – making it an obvious and much needed solution for subtle or severe skin challenges and everything in between. 


Here’s a step by step guide to the Ultimate Blemish Control Routine and how each part will benefit you. 

Cleanse with the Foaming Face Wash

The first step, and arguably one of the most important, is properly cleansing your face morning and night. To eliminate blemishes, it’s so important to keep pores clean of dirt and oil buildup that can inflame skin or lead to breakouts from acne-causing skin bacteria. When bad skin bacteria thrive, it can lead to bad breakouts that take you by surprise. The first step to keeping skin clear is keeping skin clean.  

The Foaming Face Wash was formulated to help deep clean while preventing acne breakouts with the combined power of East Cape mānuka oil and the skin calming effects of camomile. And unlike many face washes that can leave skin dry, this face wash is wonderfully gentle and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Perfect for starting your morning routine, and cleansing away the day before bed.

Protect Skin Against Acne with the Blemish Control Gel 

Tackling the challenge of blemishes means protecting the skin properly, and assisting the skin to prevent breakouts in the future. And while some of us might simply apply make-up after cleansing to mask any blemishes before we head out into the world, it’s much better to add a layer of protection beforehand to help prevent any breakouts and inflammation caused by make-up that can block pores and trap in oil. 

With the Blemish Control Gel, it IS that extra layer needed to clear up skin throughout the day and keep it that way. After cleansing, apply a thin layer to the most blemish affected areas on your skin. Because of the East Cape mānuka oil and other powerful natural ingredients, it can dramatically reduce redness and inflammation, helps make-up glide on smooth, and fights bad skin bacteria that can cause breakouts even with make-up on. 

Hydrate Skin and Hinder Breakouts with the Clearing Face Cream

Nobody likes the feeling of dry, puffy, and inflamed skin. And while this can be outright uncomfortable, it can also amplify other skin challenges and negatively impact the skin barrier function. The key to clear skin and healthy skin barrier is to hydrate your skin properly, without suffocating your skin and clogging your pores like some creams and moisturisers do. Yet, it can oftentimes be confusing about how to properly moisturise acne-prone skin. 

That’s where the next step of the Ultimate Blemish Control Routine comes in to nourish and fortify the skin with our Clearing Face Cream. This face cream is not only ultra-hydrating, it works at the same time to prevent acne while locking in moisture to rejuvenate and leave skin luminous. All the while remaining breathable so pores don’t become blocked. Mānuka oil works to kill harmful skin bacteria and prevent further breakouts, while numerous ingredients like shea butter and macadamia oil introduce skin nourishing fats and soothing aftereffects.

Reduce Acne and Prevent Future Breakouts With the Blemish Oil

Not many people know, but the capstone to any effective skincare routine, especially for blemish prevention, and an effective natural face oil. Though skin oils are often avoided on acne prone skin for fear that face oils might increase the appearance of oily skin, it is quite the opposite. And that also goes for how to use face oils, which should be applied after moisturising, not before. 


ManukaRx Blemish Oil is the finishing touch to our Ultimate Blemish Control Routine. When applied after the Clearing Face Cream, this allows the powerful and potent ingredients to penetrate deep into skin layers while creating a barrier of protection to help the cream to lock in moisture. Packed with vitamin A and E, your skin will liven up and look brilliant. Turmeric oil has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that reduces redness and irritation along with the calming effects of lavender oil. Lemon oil introduces vitamin C to the skin and powerful antioxidants while Frankincense reduces the appearance of pores. Just massage a few drops onto your face after steps 1-3. 

Ready to be released from the clutches of acne anxiety and banish blemishes once and for all? Pick up the Ultimate Blemish Control Routine and embrace the break away from breakouts for good!

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