Transitioning to Sustainable Beauty

Transitioning to Sustainable Beauty

We love nature, and we think you’re here as well because you do too! Striving to be sustainable in numerous areas of our lives and day to day habits is of course a wonderful thing to aim for. But oftentimes it can also feel a bit daunting or even intimidating to shake up previous routines or try to find the best way to approach sustainability. That applies to sustainable skincare as well. Transitioning to sustainable beauty and skincare solutions doesn’t have to be difficult at all, and now more than ever it’s in your reach. 

When Making The Switch, Make it Meaningful

As you start to transition to sustainable beauty, it’s so important to think over your top reasons for doing so in the first place and seek out products that align. Sustainability is touted by many brands these days, but there are also the issues of greenwashing or using it as a marketing term and unfortunately not all sustainable products are actually that. 


When you approach sustainable beauty, it’s a meaningful pursuit from the heart. Maybe you want to reduce plastic waste. Maybe it’s to avoid products developed through animal testing. Maybe it’s to simply avoid hazardous chemicals to go all-natural. And maybe it’s all of the reasons combined. If you write down your “why” it’ll help you keep an eye out for what products meet that requirement for you. 

Being Open-Minded Will Make the Transitional Drastically Better

Many of us might have their go-to brands for our bodies that we’ve always turned to. And this reliance on brand recognition and loyalty could limit your options for sustainable skincare. Though some of the mainstream brands might be pushing toward a more sustainable culture, looking outside of the commercial confines can lead you to discover some phenomenal beauty brands that have sustainability in their soul. 


In tandem with this open-mindedness is embracing brands with focus sustainable missions as well. Some brands might not be able to accomplish every aspect of being sustainable, yet that isn’t a reason to write them off either. For instance, maybe a beauty brand does amazing community outreach and benefits social programs, but hasn’t yet become fully environmentally sustainable. When a good mission is at the heart of a brand, supporting them is better than faulting them which might help them accomplish those other sustainable goals. 

When Shopping for Sustainable Beauty, Support Local Business

One of the best practices when transitioning to sustainable beauty is shopping local and supporting small businesses. This can make a huge impact by reducing the carbon footprint of a beauty product or skincare solution you choose as it won’t have to ship across the world to get to you. 

Look to Nature for Nurturing Your Skin, and Look After Nature in Return

Mother Nature offers so many wonderful benefits to our lives and looking after nature when transitioning to sustainable beauty will be doing the planet a favour in return. That’s exactly why sustainability is engrained in everything that we do at ManukaRx when crafting plant-powered and planet-friendly skincare products with the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil. All made with love and no animal testing. 

Community is a big part of ManukaRx’s soul as well with a focus on social sustainability, and the phenomenal benefits of mānuka oil and our local partnerships and production have helped create more jobs and offer local communities economic stability and opportunity. 

Partnering with local landowners for growing mānuka also brings more opportunity to the region, building pride in the East Cape and what it offers. As always, from the harvesting to the distillation and production methods – we have the planet in mind and communities in our hearts. 

Begin your transition to sustainable beauty and explore our shop of all-natural skincare products powered by the unbeatable benefits of nature!

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