The Best Natural Vitamin C Skincare Ingredients

The Best Natural Vitamin C Skincare Ingredients

Discover the power of Kakadu plum, the fruit with the highest concentration of natural vitamin C on Earth. Incorporate it into your skincare routine with ManukaRx's Skin Brightening Serum, formulated to rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and unleash the full potential of vitamin C for a radiant complexion.

Did you know that vitamin C was the most popular nutrient in human history after it was discovered that it cured scurvy and many other devastating skin ailments?

It's skin healing abilities became so revered that even the original Sicilian mafia started protecting citrus fruits farms due to the shocking rise in popularity.

In more recent times, a new fruit has taken the top spot for vitamin C potency; the Kakadu plum.

Containing the highest known concentration of natural vitamin C on the planet and proving itself to be a heavy-weight in collagen-boosting activity, the Kakadu plum is the vitamin C skin ingredient you've been waiting for! Let's explore how you can incorporate it into your skin routine. 

Why Is Kakadu Plum So Good For Skin?

Vitamin C is important for repairing practically everything inside and outside of the body.

When it comes to repairing the skin, it stimulates the development of new skin cells, repairing skin damage, and forming collagen which is crucial to keeping our skin looking phenomenal as we age. 

Kakadu Plum = Antioxidant Powerhouse

Due to the high amounts of vitamin C, the kakadu plum has also shown phenomenal antioxidant activity. 

Antioxidants are the unseen and unsung heroes of skin. They are remarkable compounds that defend us against oxidation; a chemical reaction that accelerates the aging process. Oxidation produces free radicals that can end up damaging cells and disrupting the skin’s ability to repair and protect.

Antioxidants put a halt to oxidation, thus making the antioxidant-rich kakadu plum one of the top anti-aging skin ingredients. 

Let’s Get Sciency About Skin: What is SVCT-I?

Kakadu plum is known to stimulate the expression of SVCT-I, a protein that is a key transporter of vitamin C, which enhances the body's ability to absorb vitamin C. This leads to increased effectiveness of vitamin C for your skin and unbelievable outcomes unseen in most other serums. 

What are the ultimate skin benefits of vitamin C?

Where do we begin! Vitamin C has a myriad of marvellous benefits for our skin. Here are a few of our favourites:

Vitamin C Energises Dull-Looking Skin

Achieving that luminous and vibrant glow is possible with vitamin C as it works to reduce hyperpigmentation and aging spots / sun damage; allowing for a more even and consistent skin appearance. It's also known to help protect against UV damage and inhibits pigmentation production, as well as reduce dull and dark skin spots from forming (please note that Vitamin C does not replace a SPF sunscreen)  

Vitamin C Improves Skin Radiance and Luminosity

Vitamin C also stimulates blood flow, which brings more circulation to the skin and makes the skin look more plump and vibrant. Increased blood flow also leads to better cell turnover so the skin can rid itself of older skin cells to make way for new skin cells. As collagen production is improved by vitamin C, this results in revitalised and brighter skin appearance as well. 

Vitamin C Reduces Puffiness and Irritation

Vitamin C is a known anti-inflammatory, reducing skin inflammation dramatically and leading to a fuller yet healthier appearance. It’s also known to reduce eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis and reduce the negative effects of free radicals and oxidation.

A New Vitamin C Skin Brightening Serum to Revolutionise Your Skin Appearance

Introducing the first kakadu plum-powered product to our new vitamin C collection, the Skin Brightening Serum, scientifically formulated to renew and rejuvenate your skin. This wonder serum combines the synergistic benefits of kakadu plum oil’s antioxidant potency and the unmatched antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power of East Cape mānuka oil – nature’s secret to optimum skin health. This fast-acting serum is crafted to brighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and skin healing, and holistically reduce signs of ageing in our skin.

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