Thank you Mum

Thank you Mum

Today’s entry is slightly offbeat, but nothing short of special. This post is dedicated to some of the most standout humans we will ever meet in our lifetime. To mothers...

thank you mum



Thank you for your strength, for it is the beginning of my story. I am certain that it required a mammoth effort for us to meet. My cries would’ve been the soundtrack of the moment and probably the tune of our first few months together. Through the madness and all of the sleepless nights (sorry mum!), your strength that started it all carried us through.

Thank you for your tenacity, I bet my tantrums didn’t stand a chance. I might be too young to remember, but my gut tells me I would’ve pushed the power of my cute wee face to its limits. Slammed doors, weeping on the floor of grocery aisles, not-so-nice words, finger paint stains on your eggshell white duvet sheets… this list is endless. But in spite of it all, your tenacity through testing times brought order to chaos.

Thank you for your goodness, and through you, I learned that goodness always ripples. From day dot, you delighted in me – cared for and loved me beyond reason. Today, I look at the world with an inherited lens that shows me the good first, in everything and everyone. They say humans are innately good, and I agree, but for every good that overflows from within me, know that that is somewhat learned from and inspired by you.

Thank you for your time, one of, if not the most underrated of gifts. When I was busy asking for things, I failed to realise you’ve given me the most priceless gift of all. You gave me the time of day or paused whatever you were doing to attend to my needs. Hindsight is 20-20, and while now I see that it is impossible to give someone their undivided attention at all times, you tried, often at the expense of the pursuit of your own needs, wants, and dreams, and that is more than enough.

And to mums that became mums through the most extraordinary of ways – through love, through hard choices, through sacrifice, through unexpected connections, through grief, or through loss… We celebrate and honour you all equally today. 

With love,

from the family at ManukaRx. 

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