What Exactly Is Mānuka Oil?

What Exactly Is Mānuka Oil?

We know, we don’t stop talking about the wonderful impact that East Cape mānuka oil can have for your skin health. But can you blame us for gushing over something that we believe will genuinely rev...
7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil
Essential Oil

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and it deserves to be pampered often. More importantly though, our skin should be taken care of daily to keep it healthy and beautiful. One way to ke...
Lip scrub recipe
Lip Care

How to Easily Make a Natural Homemade Lip Scrub

Making skincare products is not only more sustainable and affordable, but it also cuts the long list of ingredients down to just a few natural alternatives. This fun and easy DIY lip scrub will lea...
Cracked lips on beautiful woman
Lip Care

Cracked Lips? How to FINALLY Get Healthy and Hydrated Lips

Struggling with perpetually cracked or painfully dry lips? It’s annoying and can feel unattainable to have healthy lips, but we have some tips to help you out! Here’s a quick guide to getting healt...
ManukaRx™ used as a lip balm gives protection and is a moisturiser
Lip Care

How Mānuka Oil Looks After Your Lips For You

The skin on your lips is special. It’s thinner and has no oil glands. That means no in-built protection against the elements. To avoid dry, cracked lips, it makes sense to have a natural lip balm r...
Manuka for dry chapped lips
Lip Care

Natural Remedies for Lips That ACTUALLY Work

The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and delicate. Conventional lotions and dry skin products contain harsh chemicals and allergens. Plus, they taste horrible. Don't put them on your lips. ...
Manuka ointment made using manuka oil
Foot Care

5 Ways to Stay Healthy with Mānuka Oil Ointment

Natural skin ointments can be much better and healthier solutions than synthetic ointments. These are the five best uses for a natural skin ointment, and why ManukaRx ointment can help treat all mi...
Beeswax Uses - Photo of beeswax and honey spread out on a table with honeycomb.
Lip Care

4 Beeswax Uses Everyone Needs to Know About

For centuries, honey has been revered as one of the best skincare products. But that particular honey bee product is not the only one that’s beneficial for humans. For example, beeswax is viewed by...
shea butter benefits - shea butter natural ingredients flat lay
Aging gracefully

3 Proven Shea Butter Benefits to Improve Your Health

When you look at the ingredients in many all-natural skincare products, one ingredient you’ll repeatedly find is shea butter. Why is this oil used so often? How is it different from other skincare ...