Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine With Mānuka Oil image showing a woman with beautiful clear skin using a natural antibacterial foaming fast wash by ManukaRx.

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine With Mānuka Oil

Discover the transformative benefits of Mānuka oil for your spring skincare routine. This blog highlights the antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties of Mānuka oil, ideal for protecting and rejuvenating your skin during the vibrant months ahead. Explore a selection of ManukaRx products infused with Mānuka oil, from lip balm to night cream, and embrace cleaner, healthier skin naturally.

Spring is a time for starting anew with fresh beginnings for plenty of aspects in our lives and the blooming warmth of sunny months to come. That radiating vibe of activity, optimism, energy, and change. Which also provides the opportunity for ourselves to kick start changes in our own lives — be it more time surrounded by nature, healthier tweaks to our habits, and introducing more natural elements daily.

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine With Mānuka Oil

This is why we are big on adapting natural skincare and ingredients from the planet that will help detox your body, boost your health holistically, and help you achieve those beautiful skin goals better, naturally. There’s one main ingredient that we believe is perfect to introduce into your routine this Spring: mānuka oil. 

Why is mānuka oil a must-have ingredient in your skincare this Spring?

Let’s break down the skin-boosting benefits mānuka oil boasts and how you can take advantage of these invigorating traits this Spring!

It’s an Antibacterial Powerhouse

As one of nature’s most powerful antibacterials, East Cape mānuka oil is a no-brainer for that skincare routine reset. Rich with triketones, mānuka oil is 20-30 times more potent than tea tree oil and can help effectively kill off bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria intact. This assists the body in creating an overall healthier and consistent environment for the skin while we get more active and outdoors this Spring.

It’s Phenomenal for Antimicrobial 

Mānuka oil is a known natural antimicrobial, meaning it can take on those ugly microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi that threaten our health and well-being. Microorganism baddies can cause an array of issues like infections, skin complications, and deteriorate the skin’s ability to repair itself. So having mānuka oil as an antimicrobial ally is a must.

Amazingly Antiviral

In the times we live in, 2020 and beyond, it’s becoming ever more important to watch after our health and bodies, and make sure we are fortifying them against bad bacteria and viruses. The powerful triketones found in East Cape mānuka oil have known antiviral properties that will further assist in protecting you this spring while enabling your body to focus on giving you beautiful skin!

ManukaRx-East Cape Manuka Essential Oil Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine With Mānuka Oil image showing a woman with beautiful clear skin using ManukaRx Foaming Facial Wash with the antibacterial power of Manuka Oil.

Incredibly Antifungal for Athletes and Beyond

With the wonderfully radiant weather of Spring comes the urge to be active and get outside, which of course means more sweat. The antifungal characteristics of mānuka oil make it the perfect ingredient to help combat and prevent athlete's foot and other fungus frustrations of the warmer months so you can worry about adventuring, breaking a sweat, and enjoying the sunshine fungus-free.

It’s a Terrific Synergistic Oil

One of the best traits of mānuka oil is that it LOVES to work well with others, and better yet, uplift them to new levels -- meaning it helps to boost other essential oils and natural ingredients! Combined with other ingredients from Mother Nature, mānuka oil helps to create essential oil blends that assist in tackling almost any skin challenge you can think up, or ones you may be struggling with. 

It’s time to spring clean your skincare routine today with mānuka oil. Here are some amazing ManukaRx products that will help you achieve cleaner, clearer and healthier skin!

5 Mānuka Oil Products To Try This Spring

Lip Balm for Chapped Lips - $14.95 NZD

ManukaRx-East Cape Manuka Essential Oil-Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine With Mānuka Oil using ManukaRx antibacterial hydrating lip balm.

Don’t lose out on lucious lips this spring, the Lip Balm with mānuka oil, beeswax, and shea butter will help protect lips from the elements and keep them moisturised. 

East Cape Mānuka & Rosehip Skin Oil - $44.95 NZD

Woman holding the Restorative Skin Oil

Spring means more sun, and that also can be damaging to skin. This essential oil blend of mānuka oil and anti-aging benefits of rosehip oil will protect skin from bad bacteria while helping to keep it moisturised, erase blemishes and sunspots, and promote healthy skin cell production so the sun won’t steal your skin’s youthful shine.  

Firming Day Cream- 46.95 NZD

Woman holding the Firming Day Cream

Prep your skin for a day out with a moisturising day cream that combines the benefits of mānuka oil and rosehip oil to keep skin moisturised, help defend against the effects of harmful UV rays, and works to keep skin looking younger. 

Nourishing Night Cream - $48.95 NZD

Texture of the Nourishing Night Cream

Treat your skin to a night cream that will work to keep you looking younger and healthier while you sleep. Kakadu plum oil has the most vitamin C found in nature which nourishes skin and promotes circulation so you wake up feeling refreshed and looking great.


Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap - $11.95 NZD

ManukaRx Antibacterial Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap with Manuka Essential Oil
Ready to wash with a soap as soft as clouds all the while revolutionising your natural skincare regimen with an antibacterial powerhouse?Not your normal boring soap, and that’s a good thing.

Though it’s shaped like your standard bar of soap, there is nothing standard about ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap. Inside this unsuspecting rectangle is East Cape mānuka oil, one of the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oils — creating a foamy phenom that nourishes and moisturises while cleaning deep and fighting bad bacteria.

Your body is ready for a good spring cleaning, head over to our store to explore the amazing lineup of mānuka oil products that will level up your skincare routine this Spring!

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