Skincare Secrets: True or False

Skincare Secrets: True or False

Skincare myths can lead to confusion about what's best for your skin. Let's debunk some common skincare secrets and false statements to provide clarity. Discover the truth about drinking water for moisturizing, the benefits of a consistent anti-aging skincare routine, the need for constantly changing your routine, the importance of refreshing your skin throughout the day, and the truth about exfoliating for healthier skin.

True or false – there’s one skincare product that will solve everyone’s skincare challenges no matter what they may be? False of course! Too often there are products or skincare methods that are advertised in a way that can be extremely misleading, or information and fads circulating that simply aren’t true. That’s why we wanted to compile a list of the most common skincare secrets and skincare false statements to give you some clarity, and so you can know which ones hold true and which ones are best ignored or avoided.

Drinking water is the best way to moisturise skin – False!

While we think staying hydrated is a healthy habit to have overall, the myth that you can drink your way to hydrated skin is false. Your skin will definitely show signs of not drinking enough water of course, but this is usually if you’re really quite dehydrated. 

woman holding the Restorative Trio

 Throughout the day, your skin loses moisture constantly, be it when you’re asleep or out and about. It’s better to moisturise skin by actually using a day cream or night cream that will help reduce moisture loss. This will keep skin much more healthy, hydrated, protected from the elements and boost skin barrier function. 

A good skincare routine can help with aging skin – True!

While we can’t freeze time, however much we’d like to sometimes, we can help slow down the effects of aging and improve our skin’s longevity with a quality and consistent skincare routine. Utilising an effective anti-aging skincare regimen based on your skin type and lifestyle can go a long way in boosting your skin health, helping to keep up the collagen production that keeps your dermal layers fortified and functioning properly. And it’s perfectly fine to start thinking about anti-aging skincare routines as early as your 20’s, as our skin barrier function can begin to wane, especially if you live and work in a harsher environment. 

You need to be changing your skincare routine constantly – False!

There is a (silly) rumour bouncing around the skincare universe that says you should be changing your skincare routine often to avoid the possibility that your skin will get used to it and it will be less effective. This could be an argument at the gym for muscle adaptation, but that’s simply not true in skincare. 

While it’s a good idea to try new products if some are simply not working or causing other side effects, if something you’re doing is getting the job done we say stick with it! Though we think you shouldn’t stress about trying to keep your skin guessing, there are plenty of new skincare discoveries happening everyday, which is exactly why our science-backed skincare focuses on powerful positive effects of East Cape mānuka oil. Find a routine that works for you and keep with it. 

Keeping skin refreshed throughout the day will increase skin health – True!

We know, we know – everyday life can be hectic, and worrying about our skin health can oftentimes be an afterthought while we are at work or out living our lives. To boost skin health and reduce the risk for breakouts or advanced signs of aging, cleansing your skin and making sure it keeps hydrated daily can make a huge difference. 

Image of the Hydrating Mist Toner

Throughout the day, our skin deals with pollution, environmental elements, sweat, bacteria, and more. Taking a moment to wash your face halfway through the day will not only feel good, but do good for the skin. While you’re at it, a quick spritz from the Hydrating Mist Toner can not only increase skin hydration but help fortify your skin to keep it looking and feeling better for longer. Combining the anti-bacterial superpowers of East Cape mānuka oil, and the rejuvenating antioxidant effects of rosehip, our Hydrating Mist Toner nourishes and rehydrates skin quickly while on the go. Spray and let dry after cleansing, then top up on that moisturiser!

Exfoliating damages the skin and should be avoided – False!

One of the key steps to keeping skin healthy is exfoliating regularly. Of course, depending on your skin type you might need a gentle cleanser versus a textured exfoliating scrub, but it’s important nonetheless. Dead skin cells build up over time and can further trap oil and dirt in the skin, causing inflammation, acne, cracked or dry skin, and more. 

Exfoliating daily helps to clear debris from skin follicles and pores and remove dead skin cells to make way for new healthy skin cells. Exfoliating might be intimidating to some, so it’s good to try out a few different kinds to see what suits your skin sensitivity best. 

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