Skincare Secrets 12 Women Learned From Their Mothers

Skincare Secrets 12 Women Learned From Their Mothers

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Doesn’t it just seem like our mums always knew the answer to our questions? There is the age old saying that a mother knows best, and that often can trickle down into everything about life for us that we encounter, however small or big. And it’s absolutely true that our mothers seem to hold intimate knowledge about so many facets of life and (luckily) bestow some of that knowledge to us for life lessons of all kinds. Even for skincare struggles. 

From the moment we spotted our first petrifying pimple appearance, to managing the surprise breakout after our first highschool breakup, to soothing advice after a severe sunburn when we had promised that we re-applied SPF (and didn’t) – they simply had a remedy for it all. Or an, “I told you that would happen” if we didn’t. Either way, there is an abundance of divine dermal knowledge passed down from our mother’s and we’re going to share a bit of it with you!

We’ve compiled skincare secrets that 12 women in our community and some in the ManukaRx family have learned from their mothers that will hopefully help you with some skincare challenges that you may face, and to simply honor their brilliant advice about living life while loving our skin.

Skincare Secrets 12 Women Learned From Their Mothers

Ruth: As a mother of four girls, my mum was very focused on confidence and steered away from focusing on the way that we looked - which was amazing of her. While an advocate for a quick lick of lipstick, she always instilled that the most important thing is how we are in the world, and not the way that we look in the world.

Chloe: My mother is from the generation of tanning and sitting in the sun with no sunblock. Now she regrets it and always tells me that the secret to perfect skin is sunscreen.

Lara: My grandma told me this secret that I still use to this day and have shared with my kids. Drink yoghurt and cucumber every night before going to bed. It helps keep your skin clear and bright.

Jolene: My mother taught me to always sleep on my back and not on my side. Apparently it helps reduce wrinkles when I am sleeping.

Lee: Start looking after your skin as early on as possible after all it has to last a lifetime, always be gentle and use natural products.

Tatjana: Over the years, my mum has taught me that less is more. She prides on quality over quantity ALWAYS. From that, my view on beauty is "simplicity is beautiful". My mother would always make me put on sunscreen before I could leave the house in the summer. I'm very thankful for that because my pale skin burns almost instantly.

Suki: My mum encouraged me to not frown and stay out of the sun.

Marie: To always wash my face in cold water.

Rebecca: The best skincare tip that my mother taught me was the importance of wearing sunscreen and keeping my face out of the sun to limit UV exposure.

Trish: Never throw away the end of a cucumber. It works as a great toner, or you can cut off two slices and use them as eye masks when relaxing with a face mask.

Elianna: Take your makeup off every night. EVERY single night.

Jessica: To prevent scarring, don’t pick at your face (even as tempting as it can be).

Now there is a collection of incredibly insightful life advice for our skin from the wonderful women who raised us! From the pointedly profound advice of “simplicity is beautiful” about not overcomplicating our skincare routines, to the serious sun safety tips to slip, slop, slap and wrap to keep skin looking sensational. From the quality over quantity mantra and insistence of keeping things natural, just like our own views at ManukaRx that reflect these marvellous motherly guidelines to great looking skin. Simply put, mother does know best. What advice did yours give you?

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