Pro-Aging Explained: Pro-Aging vs Anti-Aging

Pro-Aging Explained: Pro-Aging vs Anti-Aging

Have you ever felt the pressure of anti-aging campaigns across the realm of skincare? We have, that’s for sure. It seems as if every skincare product or wellness trend now wants to convince you that you don’t have to age, as if there is a magic wand that can be waved around to freeze time. As enticing as that can seem, we want to remove the veil and reduce the unnecessary stress of this – in reality we all have to age. But that’s not a bad thing!

Aging is a normal and wonderful part of life, but feeling this weight of “anti-aging” campaigns can cause stress and false expectations. That’s why we stand behind the term “pro-aging” and products that support us as we age, because we believe there’s nothing wrong with aging bodies at all. Yet, there are plenty of ways you can implement to keep your skin and body aging gracefully.

Break Down the Anti-Aging Boundaries

The term anti-aging can pack quite a negative punch, and we feel our skin health and overall well being should be a holistically positive experience, and our mood should follow! No reason to dampen our days with the negative boundaries of anti-aging with societal pressures to restrict, eliminate, cover-up, and inject our way to beauty when the possibilities of a pro-aging mindset are much more optimistic, lighthearted, and effective. Yet, pro-aging is not a facade of positivity, feeling great while looking great whatever the age is completely possible while keeping it simple and natural. 

Swap Out the Anti for the Pro

The word “anti” can invoke a negative connotation causing pressures of perfection, whereas the word “pro” carries the opposite and with a much more positive feeling. And by simply swapping out anti for pro and switching to products that support embracing aging, loving yourself and your body, and making skincare simplified, the effects can be enormously rewarding physically and psychologically. Afterall, when was the last time you felt like doing something that didn’t feel great? By being
pro about our aging, we can make skincare a positive routine in our days, to see ourselves as beautiful no matter how many candles we are blowing out.

Keep It Simple Yet Effective

Nobody likes overly complicated things to add to our daily routine, and that goes for skincare too! While many things do get tougher as we age, keeping skincare simple yet effective can go a very long way to helping you age better, naturally. We don’t believe in shortcuts, which is exactly why we stick with our beloved mānuka oil even if it takes more effort than other distillation processes. But we do believe in making things easier, more efficient, and better for you. Which is why we feel the path to aging healthy is something that takes a holistic mindset while only adding in the good stuff. 

As we age, our skin and bodies can struggle to keep up the pace with essential things like collagen production, which is what everything in our bodies are made from. Collagen is key to sustaining skin health for longer, and choosing ingredients that support this function is essential. That’s why pro-aging shouldn’t involve a plethora of products with empty promises, simply the ingredients that produce results for you.

The Philosophy of Pro-Aging is In Our Products

Aging gracefully isn’t about trying to look like you're in your 20’s forever, it’s about living your best life and having the mental and physical health to do it! And in our scientifically proven natural products, using the best ingredients for you to help you achieve this goal is formulated in right along with the world’s best essential oils and ingredients for aging skin. 


Our lineup of Pro-Aging skincare helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots and hyperpigmentation, smooth and brighten skin, and keep it looking luscious and firm. This is achieved with the combination of our two pro-aging hero ingredients of East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is one of the most effective essential oils for boosting collagen production which keeps our skin snappy and luminous. The phenomenal antioxidants within fight off free-radicals that can disrupt collagen production that can increase visible signs of aging. 

When paired with mānuka oil, you’ll boost the effectiveness of your skin’s barrier function while fending off bad skin bacteria and increasing skin cell regeneration. These two ingredients add up to a phenomenally effective team to simplify your skincare routine while helping to keep your skin and you looking and feeling younger for longer. All the while embodying that pro-aging spirit. 

Experienced the positively wonderful effects of our all-natural Pro-Aging skincare that help to make aging even more beautiful and explore our shop today!

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