Our Top Skincare Picks For October

Our Top Skincare Picks For October

As the weather heats up and more time outdoors becomes the agenda for your days, you need to make sure you are taking care of your skin. Whether it’s to protect you from those cuts and bites, or soothe skin after a day out in the sun — we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Scroll down to check out our top skincare picks for October and discover our favourite natural mānuka oil skincare products from the ManukaRx lineup!

Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap - $11.95

Our Top Skincare Picks For October. image featuring ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap with the unbeatable antibacterial power of Manuela oil held up by a woman's hands.

Ready to wash with a soap as soft as clouds all the while revolutionising your natural skincare regimen with an antibacterial powerhouse?

Not your normal boring soap, and that’s a good thing.

Though it’s shaped like your standard bar of soap, there is nothing standard about ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap. Inside this unsuspecting rectangle is East Cape mānuka oil, one of the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oils — creating a foamy phenom that nourishes and moisturises while cleaning deep and fighting bad bacteria.

Hand Cream - $28.95 NZD

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream for unbeatable moisturising effect and antibacterial power.

Whether you’re working with your hands in the garden, hiking beautiful trails, or just need a hard-working hand cream for everyday activities — ManukaRx Hand Cream is up for the task. The powerful antibacterial traits of East Cape mānuka oil will help protect the skin, kill off bad bacteria, and lock in moisture to give you smoother and healthier hands.  

Ultimate Blemish Control Routine - $154.80

Banish Blemish Kit by ManukaRx with Manuka Oil, the world's most powerful essential oil, for clearing up blemishes.

The Ultimate Blemish Control Routine is made up of four essential skincare products, perfect for helping with the prevention of breakouts and reducing acne scars, naturally.

The Foaming Facial Wash, Blemish Oil, Blemish Control Gel and Clearing Face Cream offer a winning combination for aiding with the fight against long-term acne prevention.

Treat your skin better, naturally this October. Whether you need one or all of these amazing ManukaRx skincare products, just pop in the code “MANUKA10” when you order today and save 10% on each.

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