New Zealand Made Skincare Christmas Gift Guide 2021

New Zealand Made Skincare Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Get ready for the holiday season with our New Zealand-Made Skincare Christmas Gift Guide! Discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones, including age-reversing Restorative Trio, blemish-busting Ultimate Blemish Control Routine, and the rejuvenating Rejuvenating Ritual. Support local businesses like ManukaRx and give the gift of phenomenal natural skincare this Christmas!

Deck the halls with boughs of mānuka, the holiday season is approaching and Christmas is almost upon us! Which means many of us will be thinking up some ideas for this gift giving season (or thinking of some great gift ideas for ourselves!) to fill the stockings with. And beautiful skin is just one gift-unwrapping away for you or your loved ones!

To make it easier to navigate the sea of gift choices that can be a bit overwhelming, we’ve put together a wonderful gift guide for New Zealand-made skincare so you can surprise your friends or loved ones with some phenomenally effective natural skincare. 

Whether you’re wanting to gift some skin glow, a bit of youthfulness this yuletide, bestow some blemish-busting clarity, or a holistic skincare solution this holiday -- we have you covered. 

Why it is Best to Buy Local This Holiday Season

In this season of giving, it’s always good to support local businesses when considering what gifts to purchase as the larger, convenience-driven corporations make the holiday season a difficult one for local businesses who cannot compete with the one-click marketplaces. By purchasing local, your hard-earned money goes back into the community to uplift vibrant and passion-driven businesses that make quality, locally sourced products.  

With this skincare gift guide, you’ll be helping drive the already amazing growth of opportunities for local communities in the East Cape region with the rise interest for mānuka oil helping to create job opportunities in the region. 

ManukaRx is a 100% Kiwi-owned business working with sustainably run farms with the planet and local communities in mind, and we thank you for supporting local businesses this holiday season. 

Our 2021 New Zealand-Made Skincare Christmas Gift Guide

Let us introduce you to some of our favourite ManukaRx products that are filled with the magic of  East Cape mānuka and will make for the perfect gift no matter what the skin challenge or goal is this Christmas. 

 If you aren’t familiar, East Cape mānuka oil is the most powerful natural antibacterial, boasting antioxidant, and anti-aging benefits abound. As our hero ingredient, we combine science and skincare with the synergistic superpowers of mānuka oil to craft incredible skincare products from the best nature has to offer.

Restorative Trio

Popping with pink and packed with age-reversing nutrients straight from nature, our Restorative Trio has three skincare products that are scientifically formulated to turn back time for mature and aging skin. The secret to this skincare time-machine is the combination of East Cape mānuka essential oil and the potent collagen-boosting effects of rosehip oil with vitamin A. 


Restorative Skin Oil

Woman holding the Restorative Skin Oil

A deep-penetrating base to take years off your face, our Restorative Skin Oil is a great foundation to build your collagen-boosting skincare routine from. With just a couple of drops, this miracle oil invigorates the skin with potent compounds from vitamin A and retinoids that improves collagen production and help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.  

Firming Day Cream

Finger in Firming Day Cream pot

The Firming Day Cream builds upon the skin-nourishing combination of mānuka oil and rosehip oil with the addition of Kakadu plum oil, containing the highest concentration of vitamin C found in nature. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that is essential to keeping collagen production humming and fighting off free radicals that diminish our collagen levels.


Nourishing Night Cream

Image of the Nourishing Night Cream

Turn back the clock on aging or damaged skin with Nourishing Night Cream which pairs the incredible skin-soothing and hydrating benefits of aloe vera with the fortifying power of mānuka and the regenerative effects of rosehip oil to improve your skin appearance while you sleep. 

Everyday Essentials

This mellow yellow line-up in our Everyday Essentials does marvels for your skin for a wide array of daily dermal challenges. With the anti-bacterial power of mānuka essential oil, no skin concern is a big concern. 


Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap

A powerful anti-bacterial body soap with mānuka oil, lavender oil, and lemongrass that is gentle on the skin and kills bad skin bacteria, reduces body odour naturally, and hydrates deep with shea butter. 


Skin Rescue Ointment

The Skin Rescue Ointment is like a first aid kit in a tube and up for any skin challenge that pops up through your day from cuts and burns, blisters and bites, acne and more with natural skin-healing ingredients. 


Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol Free)

In a world of harsh hand sanitising, protect yourself and your loved ones with our natural alcohol-free anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% of common germs while remaining gentle on the skin and leaving our healthy skin bacteria intact. 


Mānuka Lip Balm

Whether it’s sunshine or snowy days, it’s essential to protect your lips from the elements and UV exposure. ManukaRx Lip Balm with mānuka oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and vitamin E hydrates lips, protects from environmental effects, and helps heal dry lips quickly. 


Hydrating Hand Cream

Keep your most important tools protected with our Hydrating Hand Cream that nourishes hands, fortifies them against whatever the world throws your way,  and moisturises deep while remaining breathable.

Ultimate Blemish Control Routine

Be merry with our mint-coloured set of mānuka oil products in our Ultimate Blemish Control Routine to beat blemishes once and for all and clear up skin fast. All with the marvelous anti-bacterial effectiveness of East Cape mānuka essential oil that is 30x more powerful than Australian tea tree oil against gram positive bacteria.


Foaming Face Wash

A gentle but deep cleansing Foaming Face Wash for day and night that cleans out pores, exfoliates dry skin, removes oil build up and debris, and kills acne-causing bacteria.

Blemish Control Gel

A dab a day keeps the acne away with our Blemish Control Gel, used in the most affected areas of acne to clear up skin and perfect to use beneath make-up. 


Clearing Face Cream

Worry no more with using a face cream on acne-prone skin, our Clearing Face Cream creates a protective and hydrating layer on the skin while killing blemish-causing bacteria while helping to repair damaged skin. 


Blemish Oil

The ultimate blemish-banishing face oil, our Blemish Oil fights off acne effectively while jojoba oil clears pores and hair follicles, turmeric oil reduces inflammation, lemon oil helps exfoliate and brighten skin, and mānuka oil kills off bad skin bacteria. 

Rejuvenating Ritual

Our Rejuvenating Ritual combines the previously gushed about Firming Day Cream, Nourishing Night Cream, and Restorative Skin Oil with two more phenomenal age-improved skin products to provide you with the most effective collagen and skin-improving regimen. 

Image of the Rejuvenating Ritual

The addition of the Soothing Cream Cleanser is perfect for gently clearing your face of makeup or daily debris with the added benefits of evening primrose helps to soothe the skin and probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier. The Restorative Eye Cream with green tea extract is safe for sensitive eye areas and helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Give the gift of great-looking skin this holiday season with these science-backed natural skincare products, all made with love from a 100% Kiwi-owned local business.

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