Nature-powered + Science-backed Skincare: "A Match Made in Heaven"

Nature-powered + Science-backed Skincare: "A Match Made in Heaven"

Discover the power of nature-powered and science-backed skincare with ManukaRx. Harness the benefits of East Cape mānuka essential oil and rosehip oil for luminous, youthful, and fortified skin. Embrace clean and natural ingredients that are proven effective, free from harsh chemicals, and gentle on your skin.
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Hands up, who wants divine looking and feeling skin no matter what your age? We know that finding the perfect combination of skincare products for your unique skin challenges can feel tough at times, but there are phenomenal and versatile solutions that can keep your skin looking heavenly for longer. We’re going to give you the inside scoop on nature-powered and science-backed skincare and why it’s a match made in heaven for your skin!

Natural remedies for the skin are in!

For years powerful but harsh (and also counteractive) synthetic and over-the-counter treatments were the go-to for skin challenges big and small. And oftentimes, while they might make one issue seemingly fade like hyperpigmentation, they caused severe side effects on occasion. Or an anti-aging hydrating cream heavy on chemicals was heavy on our skin and clogged pores. It was often a give and take, leading to more skin products in your cabinet. Our skin is a formidable yet delicate defense, and the skin’s biome can be thrown completely out of order when treatments are too harsh or harm our body’s good bacteria. 

That’s why consumer trends in every industry show that women prefer to shop clean and natural. We want to see results from our skincare products, not more side effects. There are boundless ingredients given from Mother Nature that can have enormous benefits for us, and in the last decade this wonderful plant-powered trend has taken the spotlight. That’s exactly why nature powered and science-backed skincare is so important and will help you achieve deserved and desired skin goals, naturally. 

What Exactly Is Nature Powered and Science-Backed Beauty?

Ingredients from nature and essential oils have been known for thousands of years to have a plethora of benefits for our skin health. And now, science is taking notice and harnessing these potent natural ingredients in skincare because of the unbelievable benefits being unlocked. Science-backed beauty is a source of confidence and trust, and that’s exactly the reason why ManukaRx invests so heavily to research and develop formulations that truly work, naturally. No harsh chemicals, no long lists of synthetic ingredients, just pure plant-powered effectiveness! 

There are numerous ingredients found in nature that have been proven to be more effective than synthetic pharmaceuticals that are more gentle on the skin as well. And while the antibiotic nuclear option for certain skin concerns has been unfortunately misprescribed for years, natural ingredients are even proving that antibiotic-resistant superbugs can’t build a resistance to them. By utilising natural ingredients we can effectively keep our skin at peak health as we age, and protect our bodies from harmful bacteria.

One Ingredient that is Revolutionising Natural Skincare

The benefits of mānuka have been known to Kiwis for years now, but it’s only been in the past few decades that the true potential has been unlocked through the essential oil. And with that, East Cape mānuka essential oil specifically has been found to be the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil, along with antioxidant and anti-aging effects, from the potent beta triketones found within. This is why it is the hero ingredient in every ManukaRx product, and why this golden oil is helping to take skincare to a new level.  

Image of a lady applying oil


We're focused on unlocking the potential of East Cape mānuka oil by developing evidence-backed formulations for our skincare products. ManukaRx is made for people who want a skincare range that works, is proven and effective, and with a brand that cares for the environment and the people that work in it. By going natural for your skincare regimen, you reap the enormous holistic benefits that can improve your skin health dramatically and keep it healthy as you age. All which is backed by science. 

The Long-Term Benefits of Nature Powered & Science-Backed Skincare

As we age, our skin health and appearance can diminish. And while aging is a natural part of life, having effective natural skincare woven into your daily routine can keep your skin luminous, youthful, and fortified from our 50s and beyond – when it is critical to maintain skin health. 

East Cape mānuka oil, combined with the collagen-boosting and skin-enriching power of rosehip oil, create an unmatched synergistic formulation that holistically addresses skin challenges while improving your overall skin health. The result? Skin that stays snappy with reduced signs of aging and wrinkles, healthier and consistent collagen production, a more youthful complexion, ultra-hydrated skin, and protection against bad skin bacteria. 

This potent plant-powered team of wonder ingredients are anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and antioxidant and can be found in our Rejuvenating Ritual to give you a daily skincare routine that works for you. 

Texture of the Rejuvenating Ritual

ManukaRx Rejuvenation Ritual with East Cape mānuka and rosehip oil includes: 

Soothing Cream Cleanser

Soothing Cream Cleanser: Gently clean and rinse away impurities and unclog pores with this cream cleanser in the morning and evening. The addition of evening primrose adds deep nourishing effects. 

Woman holding the Firming Day Cream

Firming Day Cream: Hydrate deep and protect your skin from the elements and everyday life while stimulating collagen production, brightening skin and protecting your face against UV rays.

Image of the Restorative Skin Oil

Restorative Skin Oil: This light yet powerful skin oil adds another breathable and hydrating layer for the skin while the rich antioxidants and collagen-boosting effects work wonders and turn back time on aging skin. 

Image of the Restorative Eye Cream

Restorative Eye Cream: Before bed, gently pat this revitalising cream around the eyes to help reduce dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles with an added boost of antioxidants from green tea extract. 

Image of the Nourishing Night Cream

Nourishing Night Cream: Mānuka and rosehip oils combined with aloe vera help to retain moisture loss while sleeping with a night cream formulated to increase collagen production during peak skin cell repair as you sleep, so you wake up to visibly brighter and more youthful skin. 

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