Maskne: What is it and how Mānuka Oil Can Help

Maskne: What is it and how Mānuka Oil Can Help

Now that our daily attire for work or play includes face masks, a new problem has emerged on our skin: Maskne. 

Maskne? Yes, this new skin challenge and term has suddenly popped up just like the acne it brings. Fret not, for there is an incredible natural solution with mānuka oil that can mitigate maskne during these unpredictable times.

What the heck is Maskne?

Maskne is a new popular name coined for mask acne, which are the enormous and annoying skin breakouts many of us are getting from wearing masks constantly. Because our skin isn’t used to being constantly covered or having fabric rubbing on it all day, our skin is freaking out a bit and causing bad acne breakouts.

Don’t get us wrong, masks are essential in these pandemic times for the world to get past this, and if you are an essential worker risking your health to keep us safe (huge thank you to all of you!), this is the least of your worries. Maskne is the least of everyone’s worries most likely, but it is a side effect of mask wearing and something we can actually control in this unpredictable year. 

How Can You Control Maskne (Mask Acne) Breakouts?

How do we control these new kinds of acne breakouts, especially if we haven’t had to fight sudden and severe breakouts before? There are a few ideas and effective methods to keep your skin happy while having to wear masks that will keep mask acne under control. 

To fight it, we have to understand what causes maskne?

Many acne issues are caused by hormones, though sometimes it’s genetic. But maskne on the other hand stems from this build up of dirt and oil and the fabric of the masks constantly rubbing and stretching our skin. This type of acne is called acne mechanica, which is just like the acne you might get playing sports in areas where clothing is tight. It’s acne caused by external issues like sweat and dirt buildup from materials.

Given your skin struggles to breathe underneath the mask freely, this can cause acne breakouts in hot and humid summers while we're sweating, or cold harsh winter weather that dries out our skin. All the while dirt, oil and bacteria can build up around the areas where the mask rests causing acne breakouts and follicle infections.

What Can You Do To Prevent Maskne?

Taking care of ourselves and our skin is paramount in these times, and the amount of mask wearing and hand sanitiser usage is something our skin simply isn’t used to. So we have to take steps to protect it and keep it healthy as our preventative needs change.

Use a fresh, clean mask — especially if it’s reusable

We are all about sustainability and know that disposable masks have created a huge environmental issue. To fight this, many of us are using reusable masks which is great, but it’s important to always wash it after use and keep it clean. Not only because it can lower risk of exposure, but it will also help keep your skin clean and maskne-free.

Wash your face after wearing masks

Staying clean is essential these days, but it’s also essential to preventing mask acne. After using your mask, it’ll be good to get rid of dirt and oil build-up that might have accumulated while out and about. It’s best to use a soap that helps keep the skin hydrated, and especially a natural antibacterial soap to fight acne-causing bacteria like our ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap

ManukaRx-East Cape Manuka Essential Oil-Maskne- What is it and how Mānuka Oil Can Help image showing ManukaRx Antibacterial Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap for clear skin.

Use hydrating face creams and lotions that also help skin breathe

The last thing we want to do is clog pores even more or block them up, which will cause more skin issues. Unfortunately, many synthetic lotions and creams do just that. You need to treat your face to a natural face cream that simultaneously hydrates while remaining breathable, and fights bacteria on top of that. A face cream like ManukaRx Day Cream that will fight the maskne all day for you and help skin stay healthy and helping it repair with the rich antioxidants and vitamin C from rosehip oil. 

Preemptively protect your skin against maskne

We all are learning how to be more prepared to fight bacteria and germs of all kinds these days, but creating a protective barrier for our skin will go a long way toward preventing mask acne. East Cape mānuka skin oil is a skincare superhero that protects your skin with the potent antibacterial power, helps to clean oil and debris gently from the skin, keeps it hydrated, and helps beat acne. This makes skincare applications like East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil an essential ally against mask acne.

East Cape Manuka essential oil for fighting maskne AKA mask acne.

There are trying times for everyone around the world, but what thing we can control is the health of our skin and the effects maskne can have on it. The antibacterial power of East Cape mānuka oil will help you take control of mask acne to help you keep your skin healthier naturally. 

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