Which Skin Oil Works Best For My Skintype

Which Skin Oil Works Best For My Skintype

Discover the power of essential oils for your skin type! Whether you're looking to combat aging, beat blemishes, or address dry skin, the right essential oils can work wonders for your skin health. Learn how rosehip oil helps with aging skin, the powerful blend in Blemish Oil, and the nourishing properties of jojoba oil for dry skin. Find your perfect skincare match with science-backed natural products featuring East Cape mānuka oil.

Hippocrates once said, “Essential oils are the key to good skin health” or something around those lines. Okay, that’s not the EXACT quote from the father of modern-day medicine, but he did claim that the way to health was through aromatic baths. And while we don’t all have time to pamper ourselves in a soothing aromatic bath every day (wouldn’t that be nice!), the benefits of essential oils for our skin and health have been known for thousands of years. Plus, it’s much easier now to implement essential oils that benefit your unique skin type and help with skin challenges than it was in 400BC.

So you might be asking yourself, which skin oil works best for my skin type? 

Nowadays, we have science-backed skincare that utilises the best Mother Nature has to offer with proven positive impacts on skin health. More people are reawakening to this ancient holistic wisdom and discovering the benefits of natural skincare. Yet, the skincare landscape can still be shrouded in a bit of mystery (and the throngs of products and promises) so we are going to do a little de-mystifying to help you find which skin oil works best for your skin type! 

This Oil is a Win-Win for Aging Skin

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a wand and have years disappear from our faces? As much as that would be convenient, there’s nothing wrong with aging and it’s a natural part of life. But there’s an essential oil that FEELS like magic, and will help slow the effects of aging skin to keep it looking luminous and youthful longer – and that is rosehip oil.

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Rosehip oil is highly concentrated with the good stuff our skin wants (needs), and what keeps our dermal layers happy and snappy. That’s because it is rich in vitamin A, which is necessary for collagen production in our skin to keep things in tip-top shape. Collagen is a protein that makes up pretty much everything in our bodies, but collagen reduces as we age. To counteract that, an essential oil like rosehip used in your anti-aging skincare ritual morning and night will help reduce signs of aging and hyperpigmentation while helping boost collagen production! It’s exactly why we chose it as a hero ingredient in our Collagen Restore Skincare products to turn back the clock on aging skin.

These Oils are Best for Beating Blemishes

Are you struggling to beat back blemishes that seem to pop up with reinforcements just as you feel like you’ve defeated them? Don’t worry, there are plenty of us out there with unique skin struggles and there are efficient ways to clear up acne-related skin challenges once and for all. The way to clearer and brighter skin is to harness a handful of hyper-effective skin oils that specifically target causes of breakouts and blemishes, but is gentle on sensitive skin, unlike some over-the-counter treatments. Like our Blemish Oil, a synergistic combination specifically formulated to tackle acne-prone skin. 

The main ingredient, East Cape mānuka oil, is the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial oil in the world and addresses one of the deep-down causes of acne – bacteria. Jojoba oil, which contains iodine, penetrates deep to clean pores and follicles to prevent buildup. Turmeric oil reduces inflammation and dries out pimples to prevent future breakouts. And lemon oil, packed with vitamin C, exfoliates dry skin and brightens while its antioxidants help prevent future acne breakouts. 

For Dry Skin, Incorporate These Oils In

If you’re constantly feeling a bit dried out or having issues with cracked and sensitive skin, worry no more. There are many causes of dry and flaky skin, but we don’t have to succumb to them if you know what skin oils work best to address it. Dry skin is often caused by a handful of factors from environmental effects, hydration and water loss, or simply normal life. So it’s important that when you are looking for solutions you take this into account. 

Oils like jojoba oil penetrate deep into the skin to enrich with great fatty acids and nourish with vitamins A, D, and E and can be absorbed easily. This will help to relieve dryness, flaking, itching, and other side effects of dry skin. East Cape mānuka oil creates a protective yet breathable layer on the skin to lock in moisture but not clog pores, which is the typical outcome of most creams and lotions. It also helps promote skin cell regeneration to help nourish damaged skin. That’s why we combined these two marvellous ingredients into our
Dry Skin Oil to give you an effective way to address even the hardest dry skin challenges. 

See, the secrets of healthy skin isn’t lost to time and are not as complicated as they may seem! Explore our full lineup of East Cape mānuka oil products to find just the right one for you and your skincare needs be it blemishes, dry skin, or aging gracefully. 

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