ManukaRx Raises $3,752 for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

ManukaRx Raises $3,752 for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

October was an important month for women of New Zealand, and an important initiative that ManukaRx was involved in with Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to honour, support, and raise awareness for this incredible cause. 

The month of October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is the 3rd most common type of cancer in New Zealand. Every single day, 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and October is a month dedicated to providing information and resources to make sure breast cancer detection is early, increasing the chance of overcoming breast cancer. Oftentimes, breast cancer deaths are from late detections after the cancer spreads from the breast, so having support bases through Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and others like them are paramount to beating it.

The vision of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is to have zero deaths from breast cancer someday, and through support, awareness, and donations, they are pushing the frontiers of treatment and detection methods to new heights to give every woman a fighting chance at beating the unfortunate diagnosis of breast cancer. 

From October 1st-9th 2021, 10% of the retail price from our entire Pro-Aging Skincare lineup that pops with pink went directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to help push their amazing initiatives and support base for women further in the fight to beat breast cancer. That included our Pro-Aging line-up of East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil products specifically formulated to boost our skin’s vitality and overall skin health. 

Because of your wonderful support and purchases of our Pro Aging products, we were able to raise $3,752 NZD to assist women all over New Zealand affected by breast cancer through Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and their boundary-pushing initiatives. So here is a massive THANK YOU!

Breast cancer, when detected early and treated effectively, rarely leads to fatality. Yet initiatives by Breast Cancer Foundation NZ are incredibly important as they provide valuable information on how to detect breast cancer early, and provide the information needed to find the best treatments possible. The foundation relies wholly on donations from the public and fundraisers to drive their vision further and one day make the goal of zero breast cancer deaths a reality. 

If you’d like more information on Breast Cancer Foundation NZ or to get involved in supporting them further, you can visit their website here.

Again, from all of us at ManukaRx, thank you for your purchases in October of our Pro-Aging products to help support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. It’s because of people like you supporting these foundations that we will one day end breast cancer deaths in New Zealand for good.

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