Introducing A Hydrating Hand Cream with Mānuka Oil

Introducing A Hydrating Hand Cream with Mānuka Oil

Hands up, who would love a natural hand cream that actually works, and works well, to give you soft and healthier hands? 👋 We thought so. 

Presenting a sensationally softening, botanically-based hydrating hand cream that won’t leave you greasy or oily, and one that actually works to give you wonderful skin: ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream with mānuka oil.

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream with Manuka Essential Oil

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream is one of our newest and most exciting East Cape mānuka oil products that we are positive will change your natural skincare routine for the better. 

What makes ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream so sensational?

Our hands touch thousands of things a day and are also essential tools for our daily lives. It is more important than ever to take care of ourselves and our bodies, so we should be using natural products that benefit us — not just cover up problems. We felt like there just hasn’t been a great enough hand care product that can protect our hands, help them heal, keep them looking great, and kill off the bad bacteria that we come in contact with every day. Until now.

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream combines the antibacterial effectiveness of mānuka oil and the amazing benefits of kakadu plum oil to create a plant-powered double dose of hydration.

It was crafted specifically to defend you against the elements and environments that can affect or damage our body the most, while of course helping to give you that supple skin we ALL desire. 

What makes this dynamic duo of nature so great for hand cream?

There’s no doubt about it, mānuka oil and kakadu oil are all-star ingredients, and they pack a plant-powered punch! The team-up of mānuka oil and kakadu plum oil is the perfect combination for a hand cream for a plethora of reasons. Here’s why.

East Cape Mānuka Oil is the Defense Your Hands Need

East Cape Mānuka Oil just so happens to be one of the most potent essential oils on the planet with antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial superpowers that fight all of the bad every day ewww that our hands come in contact with. So instead of just covering up damaged skin and potentially making skin issues like acne worse, it helps the skin to repair and defend itself.

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream with Manuka Essential Oil

Mānuka oil is also like armour for the skin, creating a defensive layer that locks in moisture while also staying breathable so pores don’t clog. By protecting it from the elements and proactively setting up a line of defense, your skin can focus on it’s normal functions for healing.

Kakadu Plum Oil Protects and Restores

On the flipside, kakadu plum oil boasts the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C with 50 times the concentration of oranges, infusing your body with ample antioxidant defenses while promoting collagen production in skin cells. Vitamin C is marvelous for your skin, helping promote the building of new blocks of skin cells and strengthening old ones. 

The rich antioxidants found in kakadu plum oil are also some of the best at fighting off free-radicals, those unpaired electron baddies that rob other cells of electrons ultimately causing damage and contributing to many diseases. 

Why you NEED to treat your hands to ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream

There are a baffling amount of moisturisers and hand creams out there to choose from, but none are as versatile as this. Most will address one or two skincare issues for your hands, be it dry skin or anti-aging or whatever else.

Hydrating Hand Cream with Mānuka Oil image with ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream with Manuka Essential Oil.

Not many can boast about having a playbook like this:

  • Hydrates even the most severely dried-out skin
  • Fights bacteria that cause infections from work, play and everyday life 
  • Locks in moisture to hydrate skin deep while still breathable
  • Promotes skin cell regeneration, collagen production and skin elasticity
  • Fortifies your skin for harsh environments or conditions that can cause dryness, damage and infection
  • Defends against free-radicals 
  • Not oily or greasy

Pretty amazing right?

What should you use ManukaRx Hand Cream for?

We don’t want to sound overconfident, but pretty much for any situation! The reason these two hero ingredients were chosen was exactly for that reason — to make a hand cream that can be applied to numerous skin challenges and conditions and be just as effective for all of them. 

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream with kakadu plum oil and mānuka oil helps to lock in moisture, boost healing of the skin, fights bad bacteria and remains breathable. What more could you ask for?

How about a little love for Mother Nature?

Protect yourself, and protect the planet we say. All of the ingredients in ManukaRx Hand Cream are sustainably sourced with the planet in mind and are packaged in easily recyclable or reusable glass pots. And, as always, ManukaRx products are crafted locally in the East Cape of New Zealand with love.

ManukaRx Hydrating Hand Cream is a win-win for your skin, so what are you waiting for? Try it today!

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