Interview with Dr Suki Harding Featured in Woman Magazine

Interview with Dr Suki Harding Featured in Woman Magazine

Woman Magazine, a publication about New Zealand women, for New Zealand women, by New Zealand women, has recently interviewed Director & Head of Research for ManukaRx -- Dr. Suki Harding. In the extensive interview, Donna Flemming of Woman magazine dives deep into Dr. Suki’s passion for the mānuka plant, and her dedication to bringing this miracle plant’s skin benefits to the masses to help others live better, naturally. 


"I just like them," she says. "I like the white flowers, I like the smell of the leaves. I never understood why people got rid of them." -- Dr. Suki Harding

The mānuka plant was, in hindsight, one of the most underappreciated plants in history. It was bulldozed and torn out and thought of as a pest to most farmers for livestock or popular plants. Now, the mighty mānuka is known worldwide for its incredible botanical benefits, and Dr. Suki is paving the way for this potent plant’s skin benefits to go mainstream. And it’s not just a skincare fad, the unmatched anti-bacterial potency of East Cape mānuka oil is the most powerful in the world.  


Not only is she enthusiastic about mânuka oil's use in skincare products like skin oil and face cream, but she's positively fizzing with excitement over studies that show it can work against some potentially dangerous bacteria including some that can't be killed by antibiotics.

Because of the unbelievable anti-bacterial efficacy of East Cape mānuka oil due to the high levels of triketones found in the species unique to the region, ManukaRx and it’s science-backed skincare products can help change the course of antimicrobial resistance. Bad skin bacteria like MRSA (antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) can’t grow resistant to natural anti-bacterials like mānuka oil, so utilising natural anti-bacterials for skin challenges and everyday anti-bacterial purposes has huge potential. 

 We have something that is unique to New Zealand - in fact, to the East Cape - and cannot be found anywhere else in the world


The benefits of this magic myrtle aren’t just for the most extreme skin issues, the antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-aging benefits stem from over 80 powerful bioactive compounds locked inside the plants, until they were unlocked by Manuka Bioscience. This makes it the perfect hero ingredient in a wide range of ManukaRx products that can help address an array of skin challenges like acne, eczema, minor cuts and burns, infections, inflammation, fungal infections, and incredible anti-aging effects for maintaining healthy and youthful skin. 

"With a scientific background myself, I have seen the evidence and it tells us that this stuff works. I believe everything has a season, and I think mānuka oil's time is now."

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