How to Naturally Tackle Body Acne

How to Naturally Tackle Body Acne

If breakouts on the face weren’t bad enough, some of us have to deal with the dreaded body acne. And if you’re struggling with this annoying skin challenge, it might have you feeling a bit distressed. But don’t worry (because that also causes acne), we’re here to help you banish blemishes on the body for good and take control of any pimple problems that pop up in the future. Let’s jump into a handful of ways to tackle body acne naturally. 

How to Naturally Tackle Body Acne - Girl with Body Acne

What is Body Acne?

Body acne and face acne are essentially the same for the most part, and caused by very similar things. Like face acne, body acne or blemishes can be pimples, white heads, and even cysts which are often larger and more painful. The difference is that body acne may pop up in clusters more versus acne on the face for a number of reasons. 

Oftentimes you’ll find these annoying clusters love to appear in the hardest to reach places which can be a pain to clean or easy to forget. Because, let’s face it, we aren’t all contortionists. These acne hotspots include areas like the middle of your back, on the shoulders, overlooked spots under the arms, and parts of the legs. Of course, body acne can appear anywhere there are sweat glands like across the chest or sebaceous glands that are all over the body as well.

What Causes Body Acne?

Since they are quite similar, body and face acne also share a lot of common causes. Some of the main causes for body acne are oil buildup, clogged pores and glands, inflamed skin, debris in hair follicles, and even certain clothing. 

Usually acne rears their ugly heads when there’s an underlying issue with the skin. This can happen naturally in cases like your body over-producing oil or exterior causes like not showering thoroughly enough, wearing dirty clothing for too long, and not washing properly after a gym session or some type of fitness exercise. 

Blemish Control Skincare For Body Acne

Sweat doesn’t immediately cause acne, but allowing sweat to dry and not showering after physical activity allows bad skin bacteria to thrive, which can lead to body acne. So of course remaining stinky and not jumping in a shower right after the gym is a BIG reason. Along with that, tight clothes can cause acne by trapping in oil when working out or everyday activity, and inflaming the skin around the region in high-friction areas. And there’s always the trickiest one, hormones or stress which can cause oil production to go completely out of whack. 

How Can I Banish Body Acne at Home?

Getting rid of body acne starts at home and with some easy to implement daily habits. While there are a plethora of natural acne oils and creams to help fight body acne, it’s also important to know how to try and prevent it before body acne appears.

  • Make sure to shower directly after a workout or physical activity
  • Change your clothes when sweaty or dirty, and keep a clean shirt with you for after hikes and exercise.
  • Change your bed sheets and linens often
  • Get an exfoliator and scrubber with a handle that can help you clean those tough to reach areas of the body
  • Use an anti-bacterial soap which can kill bad skin bacteria that causes body acne
  • Try to reduce stress any way possible as this is known to be a leading cause of acne

What is the Best Natural Solution for Body Acne?

If you want to take control of your body acne and prevent it even before it appears, a holistic natural skincare routine is essential. And we have great news -- there are some phenomenal essential oils straight from nature that are incredibly effective at kicking body acne’s butt! Take our very own East Cape mānuka essential oil, the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil on the planet, and the hero ingredient in all of our products.

Manuka Oil For Naturally Tackle Body Acne

When you’re shopping for the best body acne solution, make sure the ingredients benefit your skin and don’t harm it. A good deep-cleaning facial cleanser is perfect to kick off your morning routine or wash the grime away from a busy day. Use an effective natural anti-bacterial blemish oil to massage into areas like your face, neck, shoulders, or chest. Take on the day and prevent breakouts with a clearing skin cream that will keep skin protected. And for the persistent pimples and acne that love to surprise you at the worst time, apply a powerful anti-bacterial blemish gel to banish it quickly. 

How to Naturally Tackle Body Acne - Girl Applying Acne Skincare

It’s time to be worry-free about body acne with natural botanical-based solutions specifically formulated to help with the prevention of blemishes. Try our Ultimate Blemish Control Routine with East Cape mānuka essential oil today with everything you need to take control of your skin!

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