How Do I Layer My Collagen Restore Skincare?

How Do I Layer My Collagen Restore Skincare?

Discover the right way to layer your skincare products for maximum effectiveness and youthful skin with the Collagen Restore Collection.

There are processes, steps, and layers to everything we do in life. As much as we sometimes don’t want to believe it, there is often a right way and wrong way of doing something. That of course applies to skincare too, and how you apply it in layers. Afterall, imagine if you put your sweater on first in winter, and then your tee shirt. Or your shoes on and then your socks – now that wouldn’t work quite well, and it completely eliminates the effectiveness of the other. In skincare, layering products the wrong way can have the same effect, neutralising the benefits of many of them. 

If you’ve been wondering how you should layer your skincare routine, you’re not alone. There are so many serums, sprays, creams, scrubs, and peels that it can all become a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to use, when to use it, and what to use it with. Yikes! Okay, let’s pause and take a deep breath. Though it can seem maddening to try to get your pro-aging skincare routine layered just right, we are going to break down exactly how your skincare products should be layered to work best. Now exhale a sigh of relief and let’s uncomplicate skincare layering. 

Why is layering skincare properly important?

While the quick answer is that some products simply won’t work or be effective if layered improperly, it ultimately comes down to the ingredients they are made with, permeability (allowing other liquids to penetrate), and viscosity (thickness and texture). 

For example, because moisturisers are often cream based, you want to apply moisturisers before skin oils. If not, the moisturiser won’t be absorbed as well as the skin oil creates a barrier. If you add the moisturiser first, the skin oil can penetrate and also help lock in moisture better for the skin, boosting the moisturiser's effects. 

Why moisturisers come before face oils

Before skincare was as deeply researched as it is today, the process often promoted was to apply face oils first, then the moisturisers. The argument was that oils are lighter than creams and moisturisers, so it just makes sense to apply them in that order, right? Wrong. Now, science-backed skincare research proves that even though face oils may have a lighter viscosity, they are occlusive, meaning they create a barrier. Whereas most moisturisers and face creams are water-based and cannot penetrate the barrier provided by the face oil, rendering them useless. Yet moisturisers are more permeable and allow the face oil to penetrate, introducing the rich nutrients and creating an additional protective barrier. 

We know, it’s a little confusing as common thinking would be thinner to thicker. Not in this case. Water-based then oil based.

What are the basic rules of layering skincare products?

To keep it simple, think of layering your skincare like this: Cleaning, improving, and protecting. 

The first step of any good skincare routine is to properly cleanse, and cleansing regularly. Many skincare challenges arise from things like bacteria and build-up of oils and dirt. It’s important to regularly wash your face utilising a gentle anti-bacterial face wash, exfoliator, or cream cleanser to clear away any oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria. 

After, you apply the toners and serums that help to improve your skin health and improve skin barrier function. Then, you apply your day cream in the mornings or night cream before sleep to hydrate and repair skin. Lastly, apply the powerful face oils that introduce healthy fats, antioxidants, retinoids, and more while creating a protecting barrier and locking in moisture. 

Step By Step Layering for Restore Skincare

Step 1-Clean your skin with Soothing Cream Cleanser

Image of the Soothing Cream Cleanser

The Soothing Cream Cleanser is a gentle yet effective way to clean away dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin while nourishing skin. Combined with the potent anti-bacterial effects of East Cape mānuka oil and collagen-boosting benefits of rosehip, and the skin-enhancing traits of evening primrose and a probiotic. Rinse your face with warm water and massage the Pro-Aging Cream Cleanser into the skin, then wash with warm water after. For best results, use morning and night. 

Step 2-Create a base layer with Hydrating Mist Toner

Image of the Hydrating Mist Toner

An essential base layer in every skincare routine and a must-carry for keeping skin refreshed throughout the day, Hydrating Mist Toner is a quick and easy way to introduce the wonderful essential fatty acids and vitamin-rich benefits of rosehip oil to retain skin elasticity and youthfulness. Spray after using the cream cleanser and let air dry, and apply as needed throughout the day for a refreshing and skin-revitalising boost. 

Step 3-Gently Apply the Restorative Eye Cream

Image of the Restorative Eye Cream

After applying the Pro-Aging Mist Toner, gently pat the Restorative Eye Cream underneath and around eyes using fingertips. Be careful, this area is ultra sensitive so apply gently. If you find that your eye area is more oily, apply the eye cream once daily but if the skin around your eye is quite dry, use the Restorative Eye Cream both morning and night.

Step 4-Apply Firming Day Cream (Or Nourishing Night Cream before bed)

Finger dipping in the Firming Day Cream


Day creams and night creams are important layers of any effective skincare routine, as our skin has drastically different needs in everyday life and while we sleep. The Firming Day Cream harnesses the incredible anti-aging benefits of rosehip and mānuka combined with kakadu plum oil which has the world’s highest concentration of vitamin-C. Kakadu plum oil helps increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, brightens skin, and fortifies with free-radical fighting antioxidants to reduce fine-lines and wrinkles. Massage into your face after letting the mist toner dry. 

Image of the Nourishing Night Cream

At night, complete steps 1 to 3, then apply the Nourishing Night Cream that is formulated to lock in moisture that escapes while we sleep while assisting in skin cell repair and reducing visible signs of aging. East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil are combined with the nocturnal nourishing power of aloe vera extract that locks in moisture, soothes, and reduces inflammation. 

Step 5-Top off with Restorative Skin Oil

Image of the Restorative Skin oil


Last but certainly not least, protecting your skin day and night with the Restorative Skin Oil will round out this incredibly effective skincare routine to holistically improve your skin health and reduce visible signs of aging. This skin oil is potent with vital vitamins and essential fatty acids that enriches the skin and helps to keep collagen production at its best to retain elasticity and plump, soft, and radiant complexion. Apply a few drops onto the face and décolletage area after completing steps 1-4 to create a protective barrier that will help reduce moisture loss and defend against bad skin bacteria and collagen-disrupting free-radicals. 

See, it wasn’t that complicated! Layering your Collagen Restore skincare regimen properly is only an easy 5 step process, and is bound to boost your skin health and youthfulness in no time with these skincare layering rules. Start slowing the signs of aging and improve your skin strength and youthfulness today with our Collagen Restore Collection!

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