How a Bad Night’s Sleep Can Impact Your Skin

How a Bad Night’s Sleep Can Impact Your Skin

One of the most essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and one that seems to escape many of us, is a good night's sleep. Sleep is so important to many of our bodily functions, and though plenty of us can power through our day fuelled by caffeine and our four morning coffees, it’s ultimately affecting our overall health in a negative way. 

A bad night’s sleep can highly impact your skin health, leading to breakouts, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, accelerated aging skin, and more. We definitely don’t want that! 

And in these trying pandemic times, insomnia and anxiety has soared, leaving many of us fighting to catch even a wink of sleep while the daily worries are making us restless. When we do sleep, it’s not the quality sleep we need either. And studies show bad sleep can leave your skin barrier in ruins. So what can we do?!

Don’t stress anymore (we don’t need that happening!), we have some great advice on fortifying your skin to help counteract bad sleep and some more useful advice!

Tired Skin is a Sign of Sleep Deprivation

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and usually the first sign that something is out of line. When we don’t get enough sleep, collagen production drops dramatically which is an incredibly important part of having healthy skin. Collagen is integral for our muscle, tendons, ligaments, and skin and when collagen levels are affected, our body’s overall function can be depleted. 


With a reduced immune system and collagen production, the skin barrier function begins to fail, leading to dry and cracking skin and leaves it vulnerable to bacteria and free-radicals that wreak havoc on our dermal layers. That’s why, even if we can seem to catch up on sleep, natural anti-bacterial skincare is one of the most effective ways to protect your skin.

Keep Collagen Levels High and Skin Protected

The key to keeping your skin luscious, beautiful, and healthy is to treat it to a deep penetrating and powerful skincare product that is also gentle on the skin, so you don’t upset the already vulnerable skin barrier. One key ingredient that packs a phenomenal collagen-boosting punch is rosehip oil, abundant in vitamin A.


Retinol, or vitamin A, helps skin cell turnover and regeneration promoting skin repair for any sleep-deprived damages. The amazing attributes of rosehip oil doesn’t stop there! In studies, rosehip oil has been shown to inhibit the enzyme MMP-1 that has been known to improve collagen production. Free-radicals love to get us while we are down, and when your skin defenses are weakened, they can do real damage to skin cells and ultimately your whole body. Essential oil blends with rosehip oil
can fend off these threats while repairing and fortifying your skin for the future.



Anti-bacterial Protection is Important to Damaged Skin

Even though quality sleep will do wonders for your skin, you can never get enough protection when it comes to pure straight-from-nature goodness. Anti-bacterial essential oils tend to penetrate deep into the skin, while building up your personal skin barrier strength. 


When it comes to protecting and fortifying your skin, there’s nothing better than East Cape mānuka oil, one of the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oils. East Cape mānuka has the highest concentration of b-triketones found in nature, which help it to be 33x more potent with anti-bacterial effectiveness than Australian tea tree oil against bad bacteria. It also penetrates deep into the dermal layers to boost skin cell repair and fight off even the most harmful skin bacteria that threatens our sleepy skin. 

By combining rosehip oil and mānuka oil, like in our Pro-Aging skincare, you get the unparalleled collagen-boosting benefits of rosehip with mānuka oil’s synergistic superpowers to create an essential oil blend that is the best for beating sleep deprived side effects!

Ready to revitalise your tired skin? With the rejuvenating effects of rosehip oil and the incredible skin protecting benefits of mānuka oil, your skin will look lively, vibrant, and healthy. Experience the magic of mānuka oil and the combined effectiveness of Rosehip oil with our Pro-Aging products that can help combat bad sleep and leave you and your skin feeling awake and wonderful!

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