Five Natural Acne Answers For Clean And Clear Skin

Five Natural Acne Answers For Clean And Clear Skin

Acne isn’t just something that affects teenagers, it can continue long into adulthood. Primarily caused by bacteria, acne can also be affected by hormones, medications, excess oil and some medical conditions. It can be painful, affects confidence and it puts people off. There are medical interventions available.

But occasionally there may be side effects. So why not try one of these natural products? All of them come highly recommended.

Mānuka  Oil

From the same family as tea tree oil, mānuka oil is even more effective than its Australian cousin. Otago University has carried out a study on the antibacterial prevention properties of mānuka oil. This anti-bacterial activity was also found in mānuka honey with the ‘Unique Mānuka Factor’ (UMF®). Smothering your skin in honey might not be practical, so apply mānuka oil using a carrier such as coconut oil.

Turmeric Oil

Turmeric is known in Ayurvedic practice for its qualities, especially for being antibacterial and helps prevent the spread of the bacteria linked to acne. Curcumin, the primary chemical in turmeric, has keratolytic effects. This reduces skin cells clumping and blocking pores, which is the root cause of acne.


Not just fantastic on pizza and pasta, basil also prevents the spread of Propionibacterium acnes, one of the bacteria that cause acne. Make a toner by boiling five to ten crushed leaves in a cup of water for 7-10 minutes. Strain, cool and apply to the skin with a cotton ball.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic and antibacterial. Make up a toner using one teaspoon of vinegar to two cups of water. Apply with a cotton ball.

Lemon & Sugar Scrub

Lemon is acidic, with anti-bacterial properties. It can help to chemically exfoliate your skin, removing the oil that blocks pores. It also is an astringent, which constricts and shrinks skin pores. Mix a tablespoon of sugar and lemon juice, and use your fingers to gently massage this onto your skin. Rinse and pat dry. This fantastic exfoliator is better for the planet because it doesn’t use micro-beads.

Ready for clean and clear skin? Try our East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil to revolutionise your skincare today!

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