Featured in Verve's "Best in Beauty" Round Up

Featured in Verve's "Best in Beauty" Round Up

We are thrilled to have had three of our Pro-Aging products featured in Verve's 2021 Best in Beauty round up! Verve, a monthly lifestyle and beauty magazine in New Zealand, picked our line-up of Pro-Aging products with East Cape mānuka oil for their Best in Anti-Aging, Best Serums and Best Moisturiser categories.

These products, with unmatched anti-aging benefits, have delighted thousands of customers helping them achieve more youthful, radiant, and healthy skin all with ingredients from nature, and we are honoured to be featured. Harnessing the unbelievable power of East Cape mānuka oil, the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil, and amazing antioxidant ingredients like rosehip oil, these natural skincare products have profound anti-aging benefits. 

Let’s dive into the products that were featured in these categories and explore just what makes them stand out above the rest!

Best Serum: Pro-Aging Skin Oil

Looking to keep your body looking phenomenal no matter what the age? This is just what you’ve been looking for to keep skin looking younger or rejuvenating mature skin. Aging, tired, or damaged skin needs pampering, and natural product that penetrates deep to reinvigorate your dermal layers.

The Pro-Aging Skin Oil is magic in a bottle for maintaining and improving collagen production, with the rich concentration of vitamin A in rosehip oil. Collagen is integral for retaining skin elasticity and skin barrier health, and when you combine rosehip oil with East Cape mānuka oil, the dynamic duo work wonders on your dermal layers. While rosehip jumpstarts collagen production, mānuka oil builds up your skin defenses and protects it from free-radicals that can disrupt collagen production. 

Best Moisturiser: Pro-Aging Day Cream and Night Cream

We’re excited that not one, but two of our skin creams from our Pro-Aging collection made it into the pages of Verve, and for good reason. Both of our skin creams pair the anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory superpowers of East Cape mānuka oil with the incredible collagen-boosting abilities of rosehip oils to holistically improve and protect aging skin. 

Mānuka oil’s synergistic superpowers boost the effectiveness of rosehip oil to nourish skin, shield it from damaging UV rays, defend against bad skin bacteria, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pro-Aging Day Cream is the best layer of defense to start any day. Mānuka oil creates a protective yet breathable layer that locks in moisture but doesn’t trap oil or suffocate pores like many other creams. Kakadu plum oil has the highest concentration of vitamin C found in nature to supercharge collagen production with rosehip oil. Better yet, it sets you and your skin up for success no matter what the world throws at you or what elements you're exposed to with the unparalleled antibacterial effectiveness of East Cape mānuka essential oil, which is 33x more effective than tea tree oil against gram positive (bad skin) bacteria.

Pro-Aging Night Cream has nocturnal nourishing powers that helps to turn back the clock on aging skin all while you sleep. While you sleep, your skin cell turnover kicks in to repair your skin barrier. As we age, our skin’s ability to repair and retain elasticity falls away, so having an effective night cream is important to aging beautifully. 

The antioxidant benefits of rosehip oil and mānuka oil shine through to revitalise your skin, improve skin cell turnover, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and penetrate deep to remove signs of hyperpigmentation and UV damage. By adding aloe vera, this wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient moisturises deep and soothes skin. 

Best in Anti-Aging: Pro-Aging Trio

Our best selling anti-aging skincare set, the Pro-Aging Trio, featuring our Pro-Aging Skin Oil, Pro-Aging Day Cream and Pro-Aging Night Cream was selected for the “Best in Anti-Aging” category in Verve’s “Best in Beauty” round up which we are over-the-moon about too. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it today - we know you’re going to love it. You can also get peace of mind with our 30-day money back guarantee.

These skincare products aren’t your run-of-the-mill cosmetics that overpromise and under deliver. Don’t waste anymore time worrying about aging skin with ManukaRx products scientifically formulated to help you overcome skin challenges of any kind, naturally.  Experience why Verve and thousands of others are loving the remarkable anti-aging effectiveness of East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil in our Pro-Aging collection today!  

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