Everything You Need To Know About the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant

Everything You Need To Know About the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant

Discover the transformative power of our Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant. With potent AHA exfoliants, mānuka oil, and rosehip oil, this gentle yet effective formula renews and revitalises your skin. 
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Our brand new Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant is about to change the face of your skincare routine - for good.

Exfoliants play a key role in keeping our skin in tip-top shape, and our new scientifically formulated AHA exfoliant pairs the power of mānuka oil, rosehip oil, and incredible natural exfoliants to renew and rejive your skin to uplift your skin to its healthiest heights ever. You might be asking “what makes THIS exfoliant so great” so we are going to bring to light the dermal delights that await after incorporating this exfoliant into your daily skin regimen. 

Why is an exfoliator important for your skincare routine?

Our skin works ever so tirelessly to protect us, and all the while it’s doing plenty of housecleaning trying to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Yet, we all know how frustrating it is to spring clean the house if there’s a huge mess before us – especially if the kids haven’t cleaned their rooms. Imagine the same goes for our skin. 

Over time, our skin struggles to keep up with clearing away dead skin cells, and it makes the task of cleaning up the house (our skin) much more difficult. As a result, this prevents the opportunity for dermal “renovations” (cell turnover) and ends up accelerating signs of aging. To give our skin a helping hand with the house cleaning, adding an exfoliant to your daily routine will clear old cells away to allow skin to maintain a more youthful appearance and restore skin to a brighter and healthier appearance. 

The natural AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) exfoliants work best to clear away the upper layers of skin more effectively to uplift skin health and appearance versus BHA (Beta-Hydroxy Acids) that are utilised more in acne treatments.

What Makes our Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant Stand Apart? 

It’s all in the name, and the potent ingredients chosen specifically for their anti-aging benefits and gentle exfoliation properties. The first exfoliant found inside is lactic acid, one of the most popular natural exfoliants for its renowned skin-revitalising benefits as it gently yet dramatically removes dead skin to reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. 

Our second exfoliant found inside is jojoba beads that help to even out and improve the skin’s texture while brightening the skin. Both of these wonderful natural exfoliants combined help to effectively clear away exhausted skin cells to promote newer and healthier skin. 

Now here’s where the true magic happens inside the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant – the synergistic collagen-boosting superpowers of rosehip oil and East Cape mānuka essential oil. Collagen is the most important consideration for keeping skin fortified and youthful for longer, and as we get older our skin’s ability to keep up collagen production falls. This is exactly why we combined incredible exfoliants like lactic acid and jojoba beads with mānuka and rosehip oils – as you exfoliate and clear space for new skin cells, these two essential oils penetrate deep to increase collagen production and amplify the skin’s defenses with powerful antioxidants to fight collagen-disrupting free-radicals. 

Rosehip oil is one of the world’s most powerful anti-aging oils packed with vitamin A that is essential for collagen to keep skin firm and vibrant, paired with East Cape mānuka which is the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil. The end result: a natural exfoliant that doesn’t just clear skin, it’ll revitalise your skin barrier function to brighten and strengthen your skin to its healthiest levels yet while remaining suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Where does the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant fit into your skincare routine? 

The Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant is perfect to use morning and night after cleansing your face first with Soothing Cream Cleanser which cleans away dirt and make-up while helping to increase your skin’s moisture retention. After washing away the cream cleanser, gently exfoliate with the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant to deep clean, following up with the Firming Day Cream or Nourishing Night Cream that adds a protective moisturising layer. Finish off with the Restorative Skin Oil that penetrates deep into the dermal layers to boost collagen production and further increase your skin’s moisture retention. 

Bring your skin back to life and help it look younger for longer by adding the Rejuvenating Mānuka Oil Exfoliant to your skincare routine today!

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