Everyday Essentials Skincare Set Featured in North & South Magazine

Everyday Essentials Skincare Set Featured in North & South Magazine

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We love helping others to experience the profound impact of East Cape mānuka oil and the difference ManukaRx skincare makes on their skin, so we recently partnered up with North & South Magazine to give their readers a chance to win some of their own! Oh, and there was an extra $100 ManukaRx voucher as a bit of an extra surprise. 


Our Everyday Essentials skincare set is packed with skin rejuvenating products for everything a day can throw at you and your dermal layers, all with the power of East Cape mānuka oil, one of the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil. 

Utilising the unmatched potential of mānuka oil for your skin, the Everyday Essentials set brings antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal superpowers to boost your dermal defences and help promote accelerated skin healing against cuts, acne, burns and more. 

Inside the Everyday Essential skincare set, you’ll discover these amazing ManukaRx products:

ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap:

Fight off bad skin bacteria and penetrate deep with an anti-bacterial soap that is still gentle on the skin, without drying it out or irritating it. 

Skin Rescue Ointment:

For all things the world can throw at your skin, our Skin Rescue Ointment is a must have for cuts, bug bites, burns, scrapes, and even the annoying surprise blister. 

Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol Free):

Protect your skin from bad bacteria and germs with the incredible - potency of mānuka hydrosol that kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria while remaining gentle on the skin.

Mānuka Lip Balm:

Come sunny summer months or brisk winter ones, this lip balm will help your lips stay moisturised and kissably soft to prevent cracking and dried out lips be it on the beach or on the slopes. 

Hydrating Hand Cream:

Your hands are our most used tools, and they need serious pampering and protection. This hydrating hand cream locks in moisture while remaining breathable and kills bad bacteria you might come in contact with throughout your days.

Click here to shop the ManukaRx Everyday Essentials skincare set and treat your skin to the natural anti-bacterial goodness of East Cape mānuka oil.

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