Dealing With Dry Skin During Dry July

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

Have you decided to take part in Dry July and cut out some alcohol from your life for a month of detox? Great! We fully support a little break to focus on you and let your body recuperate sans alcohol. But with the winter months of July, it’s not the only dry part of our lives. The cold winter weather can take a big toll on our skin health and leave it dry, irritated, inflamed and cracked. 
How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

So what can we do during Dry July to deal with the vulnerable skin that the month brings? Actually, there’s a lot you can easily implement in your skincare regimen to make sure you’re protected from the elements!

What causes dry skin?

There are numerous causes of dry skin in the winter, but none of them are so tough that they can’t be conquered to keep your skin healthy and looking fab. One of the main causes is of course the cold and dry environment. Other causes are our own personal habits and hygiene in the colder months that can affect our skin health.

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

Weather and Humidity

As the temperatures plummet so does the humidity around, and as the winds kick up, our skin aches for moisture. Our skin needs moisture to remain healthy, and though layering up can keep us warm, it doesn’t do the best at keeping skin moisturised. And more often than not, layering up causes skin to sweat and traps in bacteria that causes acne breakouts or irritation.  

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?


Lack of Hydration

There’s nothing better than a hot chocolate, coffee, or tea to warm the soul during cold weather months. But one thing we tend to do is drink less water because we aren’t as hot and not sweating as often. But hydrating is key to preventing skin from cracking and peeling which leads to painfully dry cuticles, hands, face, and lips. 

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

Heating and Hot Showers

We know, there’s no better feeling than taking a hot bath or shower after an afternoon on the slopes coming in from a chilly day. But one of the leading causes of dry skin in winter is hot water and heating in the house. 

Hot showers and baths, though euphoric, tend to dry out the skin even more, which adds to the effects of winter weather. And with central heating, this lessens the humidity in the air which saps the moisture out of your skin. 

Now, of course we aren’t telling you to freeze yourselves, but it’s best not to overcompensate the cold with scalding showers or by cranking the heat up. 

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

What are the best natural dry skin remedies?

Because there are so many factors in winter that cause dry skin, be it the weather or at home, you need versatile and effective natural skincare products in your daily routine. 

Many normal over the counter skincare products have harsh chemicals that are already damaging to the skin, but will feel much worse in winter. That’s why you need to adjust how you treat your skin, making sure that you drink water and keep those dermal layers hydrated while not clogging the pores. And, on top of that, you need products that can battle the bacteria buildup that happens when wearing so many layers!

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?


This is exactly why East Cape mānuka oil is one of the best ways to fortify your skin in winter. It’s the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial found in nature that locks in moisture without clogging pores and promotes faster skin healing. Which is why we use it as our hero ingredient in our entire lineup. 

ManukaRx Dry Skin Oil 

To avoid the pesky and painful dry inflamed skin or cracked and peeling hands this winter, you need a deep penetrating skin oil that can protect all day long. That’s where our incredible Dry Skin Oil comes in!

East Cape mānuka oil will keep skin hydrated and feeling soft while boosting skin cell repair and fighting the bacteria buildup from those toasty sweaters all winter. 

The synergistic superpowers of manual oil boosts the effectiveness of the amazing skin healing vitamins of jojoba oil like vitamin A, D, and E help to relieve dryness, flaking and itchy skin. 

How Can Mānuka Oil Help With Dry July?

ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment

When you’ve already got dried out and cracked skin or lips, you want to get them protected and healing up as soon as possible. And nothing beats the phenomenal plant-powered effectiveness of our Skin Rescue Ointment.

The unbeatable skin rejuvenating power of mānuka oil helps to immediately provide relief and boost your skin’s ability to heal. Sunflower oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential for skin repair. Beeswax will add an additional layer of dermal defense while cocoa and shea butter help soothe the damaged skin. 

Dealing With Dry Skin During Dry July

Don’t let dry July get the best of your skin, fortify it against the winter weather with our Dry Skin Oil and Skin Rescue Ointment made with East Cape mānuka oil.

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