5 Ways To Use The Restorative Skin Oil

5 Ways To Use The Restorative Skin Oil

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Skin oils can be one of the most positively impactful introductions you can make into your skincare regimen, yet there are many of us wondering just how we can use skin oils and what they will actually help with. The good news is, whatever skin type you have there are many benefits that skin oils can have for you! And yes, there are many skin oils that can help you even if you have oily skin. The right skin oil can even tackle a plethora of skin challenges as we age when our skin might be struggling to keep up with time.


The Restorative Skin Oil is one skincare product we think is a must-add to any daily skincare routine. One of the main ingredients, rosehip oil, is packed with vitamin A. This is essential to collagen production which helps keep our skin healthy and is comprised of nutritional-rich compounds like retinoids. It’s so effective that rosehip oil is proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and improve skin elasticity. Rosehip oil is paired with our hero-ingredient East Cape mānuka oil that adds an unmatched level of antibacterial and antioxidant effects to keep skin looking younger and feeling healthier. 

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We’ve broken down ways to use our Restorative Skin Oil in your daily skin routine and what wonderful effects it can have for your skin. 

1. Use With Your Favourite Moisturiser

Moisturising is one of the key steps every day to reduce moisture loss in our skin and keep it soft yet strong. Why would you need to skin oil if your moisturiser works fine? Even if your moisturisers are fortified with certain vitamins and ingredients, skin oils have the ability to penetrate deeper with a higher concentration of beneficial vitamins and nutrients for skin. 

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Once you’ve applied an effective anti-aging moisturiser like our Firming Day Cream in the mornings or Nourishing Night Cream before bed, massage in a couple of drops of Restorative Skin Oil after. Skin oils are occlusive, meaning they can penetrate moisturisers into the skin, but moisturisers aren’t able to penetrate oil. 

2. Add To Your Body Lotion for Extra Effectiveness

After showering, it’s always an essential step to apply body lotion to make sure skin stays protected and hydrated throughout your day. It’s also important to apply body lotion before bed, which is the prime time for moisture loss. By adding a couple of drops of Restorative Skin Oil to your body lotion, you’ll increase the body lotion’s effectiveness and help lock in moisture deep into the dermal layers. It creates a wonderfully soft feel that applies more smoothly. 

Just like the face moisturiser, the skin oil can help to moisturise skin deeper. This will also increase the skin barrier function as the vitamin A and great fatty acids found in the rosehip oil help to increase collagen production and skin cell regeneration. 

3. Use With Your Foundation for Added Glow

When you apply foundation, be it liquid or powder, it is helping to create an even complexion and reduce the appearance of skin impurities. While there are some foundations that have moisturising or astringent effects to assist with this, they can also clog pores or dry out the skin. 

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Massage a couple of drops of skin oil onto your face before your foundation and it’ll add a bit of a natural dewy sheen and glow to the foundation’s appearance. Better yet, it can also help maintain skin moisture levels when wearing foundation and make-up all day and reduce the possibility of a breakout. The bacteria-fighting effect of mānuka oil and the antioxidants of rosehip oil reduces the chances of acne popping up as foundation can often affect the skin’s breathability. 

4. Keep Those Cuticles Looking Cute

Be it winter or summer, there’s always work to do to keep our cuticles looking as good as possible. Whether or not you have issues with cracked cuticles or brittle nails, it’s still a good idea to use skin oil on your cuticles daily. And you’ll even experience the Restorative Skin Oil effects on your fingernails to improve their health and appearance. 


Rub a small amount of the oil onto each fingernail and cuticle for about 15 seconds and let air dry. Doing this daily will help combat the bacteria that cause damage to your cuticles and moisturise deep to assist in repair. After a little time of daily application, you’re bound to notice healthier nails and phenomenal looking cuticles! 

5. Use Restorative Skin Oil Solo to See the Effects

To experience just how incredibly effective the Restorative Skin Oil is for the collagen-boosting and skin fortifying benefits, we think you should try it without any other products. The skin oil can be a great base to build your anti-aging skincare routine off and using it solo can show you areas that you might need to focus on more. There’s no recipe that fits everyone so we encourage a bit of experimentation to discover exactly how our scientifically formulated skin oil can benefit you. 


Start with applying a light base of Restorative Skin Oil to your face and décolletage. The powerful blend of East Cape mānuka oil and rosehip oil might end up surprising you and assisting with skin challenges you’ve struggled with for years. As you introduce other skincare products like moisturisers or lotions, you’ll see first-hand the holistic skin rejuvenating effects that using a skin oil can have and how it can boost other products in your skincare routine.  

Experience the magic of our Restorative Skin Oil today or combine it with one of the science-backed skincare products in our Collagen Restore lineup today!

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