4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine

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Fed up with hormonal acne? Tired of never ending breakouts, and ready to get rid of unwanted blemishes for good?  Struggling to find a skincare range for acne-prone skin that actually works and isn’t filled with nasty chemicals?

Deep breaths and don’t give up, we’ve got you covered with a potent and natural four step anti-blemish skin routine. 

You may have heard of tea tree oil as a treatment for the most extreme skin care cases, and though it’s an amazing remedy, there is a natural anti-blemish skin routine that is even more powerful. A combination of East Cape manuka oil products specific for reducing acne and blemishes can result in an acne beating solution that's packed with 20 - 30 times more enzymes than your standard tea tree oil, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Let’s introduce you to our secret skin care weapon, The Ultimate Blemish Control Routine. This bundle harnesses the restorative properties from our East Cape manuka oil, and combines them into a daily holistic solution to help clear and repair your skin, and keep it healthy as you age.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting the best out of these amazing applications.

Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine

1. Foaming Facial Cleanser

Sometimes it’s hard to find a face wash that works great and doesn’t have destructive chemicals that leave your skin screaming. To start off the day right, use the ManukaRx Foaming Face Washr to wash away residue and oils. Because it has no chemical soap in the ingredients, it won’t dry out the skin like most cleansers.

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine image of ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Our Foaming Face Wash is made with East Cape mānuka oil and black cumin seed oil helping to control existing acne and fight new breakouts, and camomile oil to help to soothe the skin. This results in a deep clean without the potential irritated and inflamed skin other soaps can cause. It’s also perfect to use at the end of a long day as a nightly routine to reduce oil buildup and when removing make-up. 

2. Blemish Oil

Step two in our anti-blemish routine is the ManukaRx Blemish Oil, specifically crafted with potent plant-based ingredients to heal your skin and prevent future breakouts without the harsh chemicals of other products.

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine image of ManukaRx Skin Oil for conquering blemishes.

The blemish oil is packed with the antibacterial power of East Cape mānuka oil, jojoba oil to help clear clogged pores, vitamins A and E to lock in moisture, turmeric oil to naturally dry out pimples without damaging the skin, and so much more. 

Simply apply 2-3 drops onto the affected areas in the morning and at night. Within no time you’ll notice clearer and more brilliant skin. 

3. Blemish Gel

Some blemish treatments can be extremely irritant and lead to excessively dry skin, which can keep you second-guessing about using them altogether.

Given the antibacterial properties of manuka oil and the fact that it is gentle on the skin, the ManukaRx blemish gel can be used even on sensitive skin to treat the most affected areas without worry. 

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine image showing ManukaRx Blemish Control Gel.

It’s made with retinyl sunflowerate which creates an added layer of protection throughout the day that unclogs pores while allowing the other treatments to work better. The black seed oil ingredient has been used as an ancient remedy for skin irritations for thousands of years.

After using the foam cleanser and acne oil, apply a thin layer of the blemish gel to areas with the worst outbreaks and blemishes. And it’s perfectly fine to use before putting on makeup.

4. Face Cream 

Finding a balance can be hard between ointments that tend to dry out skin and creams that are greasy and clog pores. Is there anything that works for all of those needs?

We can happily say yes

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine image of ManukaRx Clearing Face Cream.

Allowing your skin to fight bacteria while keeping it smooth, moisturised, and protected is exactly what the ManukaRx Clearing Face Cream was created for. It uses natural ingredients like shea butter and macadamia seed oil that leave it ultra-hydrated and silky soft with all of the awesome antibacterial benefits to keep your skin nourished and glowing. 

After following steps 1-3 above or using our facial cleanser, gently massage the moisturiser into the skin on your face and neck.

4 Step Natural Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine image of ManukaRx Banish Blemishes Kit.

Ready to conquer your acne and blemishes for good and finally have the radiant and clear skin you deserve?

Whether you’re in search of a new solution to your acne issues or looking for great additions to solve skincare problems, pick up The Ultimate Blemish Control Routine today to incorporate it into your natural anti-blemish skin care routine. You’ll be loving your skin in no time.  

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